March 13, 2011

Master Bedroom Makeover

This week we were busy little bees trying to get everything ready for our new furniture to arrive. As I said in my last post, we bought new bedroom furniture last Saturday. So, we had to pick bedding, choose a paint color, move everything out of our room and into the guest room, paint, and move our new furniture in all before Friday. The bedding was the hardest part. I stressed and stressed but ended up going with the bedding from Marshalls and we love it!! It's the perfect compliment to the walls and the furniture and so soft and comfy too! And with the $89 price tag, we can always upgrade in 6-12 months if we want to and not feel like we're wasting too much money. After we picked the bedding, I went to Sherwin Williams and got 2 paint samples. The colors were just too bright and just not right, and that's when Chad remembered that we still had a sample of the color we used to paint Graham's nursery back when we lived in our apartment. Right when we put it on the wall, we knew that was the color! It looks so different in our bedroom, maybe its the light. But we LOVE it! I also happened upon 2 toss pillows from the Simply Shabby Chic collection at Target that match the walls perfectly, and the softest throw ever.

Thursday night we painted (with a big thanks to Chad's Dad who helped with his expertise at doing the edges with no blue tape!) Acutally, all the grandparents came over and played with Graham and ate pizza with us. Friday, the furniture was supposed to arrive between 4:30 and 7:30 but long story short, they didn't get here until around 10:30. They set up everything pretty quick though, and we got to sleep in our new king bed that night! We love how our room turned out!! I still need to pick out curtains, and add accessories over time. Now my only problem is I want our whole house to be done!



And just to compare:



It's so nice sleeping on a king size bed!! :)


KatieOH said...

so pretty! our bed arrives Friday!

kirby said...

I loooove it! I know I already told you but I can see it much better this way.