April 12, 2011

Catching Up

We have been so, so busy lately! Last week, Graham was under the weather and turns out he has his first ear infection! Just a mild one, though.  This weekend we got Graham's Easter pictures done (I can't wait to see them! He was being hilarious the whole time), then left him with his grandparents on Saturday night for his first night without Mommy and Daddy. Chad and I went and grabbed an appetizer at Chili's then saw a movie! We saw Limitless and it was different, but good! It was so weird going home and Graham not being there.Graham did great without us, though! He woke up crying a couple of times, but he's teething so he's been doing the same for us. We slept in the next day then headed to my parents to get Graham and eat breakfast.  We ended up staying the whole day at my parents, just hanging by the pool, and getting spoiled by my parents as usual :) Here are some recent pictures I've been meaning to post:

Playing in the yard

Going for a walk

Afternoon at the park

Playing in the living room
At the carwash with Mom

At the doctor with Mom and Mimi

Watching sports with Dad

Date night!

Pool time at Mimi and Papa Glenn's ( My parents)

Playdate with a new (girl)friend!

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