May 28, 2011

Our Little Family

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Photographs by Tibbe Denson Photography
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May 26, 2011

Blue Bear, Sesame Street & Big boy baths

Graham has been all about his blue bear lately. He sleeps with it every night and usually wants it when I get him out of his crib in the morning or after naps. I wonder if this will be a long friendship like my sister and I had with our "Puffies" (Puffalumps, for those who remember that 80's-90's fad) Here he is right after his afternoon nap yesterday :)
We also introduced him to Sesame Street last week, and he loves it! Not too sure about Cookie Monster, though. I think he's so big and loud,  it scares him a little. He loves the songs and other characters, though. Here he is having an afternoon snack of cheerios, along with a little Bert & Ernie :)

Graham also graduated from his baby bath seat! I figured since he is pretty much a walker, it was time to say good-bye to the bath cradle. He is now sitting up in the tub after I got him a bath mat (Sesame Street themed, of course). He loves it & thinks he is one hot tamale!

May 25, 2011

Walker, Texas Ranger

I can't believe I haven't posted this yet, but on May 2nd (which also happens to be my Dad's birthday :) Graham decided to take his first steps!!!! I was home alone with him when it happened, so Chad was so sad he missed it and so was I. It was such an exciting moment. He was standing holding on to the ottoman, when I coaxed him with a toy over to me. He took a few steps and kind of fell into my arms. I was so excited, and so was he!!!! A precious moment I will remember forever. He did it a few more times that day, and for his daddy when he got home from work. His daddy nicknamed him "Walker, Texas Ranger" Here's a video I took of his "2nd steps" since I didn't have the camera ready for the first ones.

May 23, 2011

Vacation Pictures Continued!

Where has the month of May gone?? I can't believe I am just now posting the rest of our vacation pictures, nearly 2 weeks later! We have been so, so busy these past 2 weeks, so I have many more posts to catch up on. 

2nd Port: Freeport, Bahamas

3rd Port: Key West, Florida
Key West was our 3rd port. We met up with our friends from dinner and ended up walking practically 10 miles around the whole dang island. After all the food on the cruise, I guess we needed to burn some cals! First we walked to Ernest Hemingway's house, then we tried to find the beach (ended up taking about 30 min to get there) 
We took a cab back and grabbed some drinks, and I had the best Mango Margarita... it was so delish. Then we headed back to the boat. It was a fun time and since I had already been to Key West it was neat getting to show it to Chad.

Making mimosas in the  morning before hitting the deck

The last night!

The glass elevators (don't know why this pic is sideways...sorry!)

When we made it home on Sunday, we were so anxious to see Graham. He was napping when we got there, but woke up when he heard us. I was going to go wake him up anyway, because I couldn't wait to see him :) I think the poor baby was confused when we picked him up, he was crying and clinging to me. But after a few  minutes, he was fine. He had a great time and did so great without his Momma and Dada. He would fuss for a while if I left the room, but was back to his normal self within a day. We missed him so much, but to be honest, it wasn't that bad. We checked up on him through email, and knew he was doing great, so that helped. By the last night, I so ready to see him though. Everytime we would see a baby on the cruise, we would give eachother a little look, and we talked about him, but it was great getting alone time. I cried when my parents picked him up the day we left, but didn't really cry the whole trip! He stayed at our house with our parents, so I'm sure being in his own room, having his own toys and routine helped a ton. A BIG thank you to our parents for watching our baby for us. We are so thankful to have such wonderful, loving, and generous parents, who love Graham as much as we do!!!

May 10, 2011

Our Vacation!!

We had a wonderful, amazing, relaxing and much-needed vacation!!! I had no idea how good it would feel to sleep through the night for 7 nights straight, wake up whenever we wanted, nap whenever we needed. Not to mention eat delicous food I didn't have to cook, leave the room messy and come back to it clean,  lay out, get tan, dress up and see beautiful beaches with my wonderful husband!!!! It was perfect!! We had perfect weather- NO RAIN!, smooth sailing and even became friends with out dinner mates! Of course, we missed Graham-Man like crazy, but we got to check up on him through email and he we hear he was a perfect angel the whole time! Didn't even seem to notice we were gone- go figure!!

The first day, we got on the boat early, grabbed some drinks, saw our room, walked around the ship, and layed out. We wanted the latest dinner so we ate at 8:30 and we were sat with one other couple, who ended up being our age so fun! They are from Austin and live super close to my sister! We stayed at dinner for at least 2 hours everynight, and then usually caught a comedy show with them afterward or hit up the casino. The first two days were "At Sea" days, so we got to start off our vacation right by being lazy and even getting a couples massage.

Our first Port was Nassau, Bahamas. We had no real plans, so we grabbed a taxi and headed to Paradise Island to visit Atlantis for the day. We got a t-shirt for Graham, and then hit up the beach, ate lunch, rode jet-ski's (and got to see Oprah's Bahama house, and Tiger Woods' house) then we checked out the amazing aquarium (my 2nd time to see it, I went to Atlantis in '07 with the family I nannied for when I lived in Dallas) and headed back to the ship.

Second stop was Freeport, Bahamas. This was actually our favorite stop. Again, we didn't have anything planned, so we grabbed a cab to a quiet beach with an ocean-side bar, a pretty dock, lounge chairs, paddle boats and kayaks. We layed out, walked the beach, played in the water, ate Conch fritters, and drank a few Kalik beers (official beer of the Bahamas), and watched a local show us how to prepare fresh Conch salad. It was perfect!!! After our day, we headed back toward the ship after grabbing a few souvineers for Graham.

{Pictures of Freeport to come....}