May 3, 2011

11 Months!!!

The countdown begins!! 4 weeks until Graham turns the big O-N-E!!! Last year at this time I had just had my baby shower, we were finishing all the last minute details of Grahams nursery, packing the hospital bag, installing the carseat, experiencing false labor, and gearing up to become full-fledged parents. What a blessing this year has been!!! Our beautiful, healthy, perfect, smart baby is 11 months old. How did that happen?? Happy 11 months, sweet angel!!! Here's what you've been up to!!!

- Still on the same schedule you've been on since around 7 months
-Drinking about 24 oz of formula daily
-Just started mastering drinking from your sippy cup
-Still not a picky eater...yet!
-You have 7 teeth (4 on top, 3 on bottom) we're expecting #8 any day
-Sleeping 12 hours a night, and haven't been waking up at night at all!!
-Still taking 2 naps
-Saying soooo many words!!!! Night night, baba, ball, dada, mama and even said Evan this weekend!!! Copying words we say to you like crazy!!
-Took your first steps Monday!!!
-Such a happy, smiley, flirty boy!!!
-Love laughing, splashing, and your number one fav... throwing balls!! You throw them really hard and far!!!
-Just learned to give kisses, sooo sweet
-Waving all the time
-Only using paci at night mainly
-Busy, busy boy!!! Always getting into something!
-Learning to climb!!
-Occasionally you bang your head against your carseat, and I even caught you banging your head against the wall in your nursery!

He is kind of over the monthly pictures... I think he thought I was putitng him down for a nap!! Ha!

A few minutes later

Sneak peek of his first birthday party ;)
You entertain us constantly, and you bring so much joy to us, baby!! We love you more than words can express!!!!  Happy 11 months, bubbas!!!!!!

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Melissa Edwards said...

LOL! The crying picture is awesome. It does fly by. I cannot believe he is going to be one! I think I never got your baby present to you. Ugh! Horrible. I will just have to send something for his first!!!