May 6, 2011

Off to Austin!

We're going to Austin this weekend to help the Owen family (my sister's family) move into their new house and spend a little time with my side of the family for Mother's Day weekend. On the agenda: take Char and Graham to the pool, maybe make a trip to visit my Grandaddy, and go see "Something Borrowed" Saturday night with my Momma and sister!  So excited about my first official Mother's Day and that I get to spend it with my Mom and sister (who also just happen to be fabulous Moms :) I know I haven't posted any pictures from our trip, but I am working on it!!! I have SO many, and I am trying to do them all in one post. I'm almost finished, so look for it next week. Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Momma's out there!!!

For a mother is the only person on earth
Who can divide her love among ten children,
And each still have
All her love.

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Melissa Edwards said...

Bren, I hope you had an amazing Mother's Day!