June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Friday night we went to our favorite mexican restaurant (Rico's) with Chad's Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Eddie & cousin Austin. Eddie & Austin both have beards, and Graham has a beard phobia. Seriously. He shakes and stares and gets really quiet and will even cry! It's so sad. After spending some more time with the bearded men, Graham seems to be doing much better with beards! :)
Graham & Aunt Jennifer

Saturday, Chad and I took Graham to Olive Garden for some lunch, then went to Babies R Us to buy his birthday presents!! Later that evening, we went to Chad's cousins house Gaynor and Rob for a little backyard bbq and pool party.

Sunday we went to church, then bought a new grill, dropped Graham off for a sleepover with his Grandparents and Chad and I headed to the Drive-In for a movie night! It was so crowded, we barely made it in before it was sold-out, but ended up getting a pretty decent view. We saw Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides & after that was Fast Five, but since it was past 11 we knew we wouldn't make it through the first 5 minutes awake, so we headed home.

Monday, Chad took of work, and we picked up Graham from his sleepover,. But before we did, we turned Graham's carseat around facing front. He is so much happier being able to feel the A/C in this 90 plus degree weather!! Then went up to The Woodlands for lunch and to walk around. We ate at Grimaldi's a delicous pizzeria and I had the best Sangria, yumm. Then we went to Market Street and looked at the shops, but it was so hot, we didn't stay too long.
We headed to our friends Sean & Erica's for a backyard bbq, but didn't stay very long at all b/c I started feeling pretty exhausted from all the weekends craziness!

That was our insanley busy weekend, and now we are in full-on birthday mode gearing up for Graham's big day!!!

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