June 15, 2011

On the Go!

Our weekend in Austin was great! We left Friday afternoon, but after Graham's afternoon nap, so even though he started out in a good mood, since he didn't sleep that much he was more than ready to get there 2.5 hours later!

Pulling out of our driveway

Leaving the back of our neighborhood we spotted 2 fallow deer!! For those who aren't familiar with deer hunting or deer in general (like me) they are apparently really rare. He called his Grandmother Gamme, and she grew up on several thousand acres in Kerrville and had only seen them ONCE in her lifetime! We saw a buck and a doe. Chad was in awe!

Stopping in Brenham to change a diaper

On the road again! Love those shades.

When we finally arrived in Austin, we went to eat our fav food, mexican with my sister, Randall and Charlotte. Charlotte and Graham are huge fans of eachother. They looked so darn cute sitting in their highchairs across from one another. My parents were waiting for us at Mer and Randall's when we got back, and we put the kids to bed and visited. The next day was Charlotte's party so we spent the moring chasing the kiddos and getting ready. It was a garden party and so cute!!

The kids were wiped out, so after they went to bed Chad, Mer, Randall and me stayed up and played some boy v. girl spades on the back porch. Sunday, we went to their neighborhood pool before we hit the road. Graham did much better on the drive home, thank goodness! Such a fun weekend. I see some joint bday parties in our future with 2 cousins born a week apart!!! ;)

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