June 28, 2011

Summer Time!

If you know our family very well, you know we love us some pool time in the summer!! You can find us at my parents pool almost every weekend, and this weekend was no different! Our sweet cousins came to visit us all the way from Baton Rouge and it was so nice visiting with them. Erin and Debra stayed with my parents, so we got to host Mer & Randall and the kids at our house. They were our very first over night house guests! They got in late Friday night, but we kept Graham up to see Charlotte and Evan. The kids played and played before we put the little ones to bed. Graham loooves Charlotte and Evan. They all are so cute together. Then, the rest of us stayed up late and watched an old favorite, The Great Outdoors :) Such a classic. The next day we headed to my parents for some fun in the sun.Charlotte is so sweet with Graham and calles him "Draham" haha. Charlotte is growing up so fast, and repeats everything you say. She is doing so good swimming and is so cute in her water wings! Such a fun weekend. In a few weeks we are renting a beach house and going to stay in Galveston for a week with my parents, Mer and Randall and the kids, and my Aunt and Uncle.  We used to do this every summer growing up, and we have the best memories of our  annual beach trips. Can't wait to continue the tradition now that we have kiddos of our own. We also used to make a trip to Garner every summer, so we need to revive that tradition, too! As you can see from the pics, my swelling is gone and I am feeling much better! :) Chad is glad to have his wife back, ha!

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