June 3, 2011

Sweet Graham,

Dear sweet baby boy,

Today you are turning one. I wanted to write you a letter that you could keep and look back on one day. I can't believe that this first year of your life is coming to a close, and your second year is about to start. Since the day you came into our lives, you have made each day brighter than the next. We fall more in love with you everyday, and it's crazy to know that much love exists and never, ever ends.   

You are so special, my son. Everyone lights up when they see you smile. You are so incredibly smart, passing all of the expected milestones, and much, much more. You are literally the cutest, most beautiful baby I have ever seen. You are so sweet -natured and loving, and such an easy baby. You have really spoiled us!! Your hazel eyes are so big and bright, and when I look into them, I know they hold a bright future for you. But that is not why I love you. I love you simply because you exist, and so does the Lord. 

I will never forget the first time you smiled, in the morning laying in bed with your Daddy and I. Your first laugh, I was holding you in front of the mirror at our old apartment, and playing with you and you laughed! It was the most wonderful sound in the world, and of course it made me cry.The first time you rolled over, in your nursery at 2 months old. The first time you crawled, in the living room of our house. Your first word, "Mama" I was so proud. And your first steps, also in the living room; you walked from the ottoman to me, I cried then too! And so many more firsts that I will treasure in my heart forever. So many changes you've gone through, and so many things you've accomplished, and even though I will never forget our first year together, I know you won't remember this year. I pray though, that the love, cuddles, kisses, nurturing, laughs, play and time we spent together has instilled in you a self-love and a love for the Lord , and a love for others that will last forever.

Simply by being here with us, you have made our lives more rich, wonderful and meaningful than I have ever dreamed. You made us put another before ourselves, love someone more than ourselves. You made it possible for me to glimpse the unimaginable love the Lord has for us, by sending his only Son to die for us.  Everyday with you is a blessing, and I am so thankful, and humbled that God chose me to be your Mommy. You are a more precious gift than I ever dreamed I deserved. Please know that you will always be loved, and remember to give that same unconditional love to others and to God. I love you, Graham Edward. Thank you for making me a Mommy. Happy 1st birthday, bubbas!!!

All my love,


11 weeks pregnant

9 months pregnant

1 minute old

1 Year Old


Jalei & Lane said...

Can you believe he's 1 already?! I love his one year picture!

Melissa Edwards said...

I cannot believe he is one already. You are such a great mama too. Congrats on surviving the first year!