July 12, 2011

12 on the 12th

I've seen posts like this on other blogs, so I thought I'd join in on the fun!! I think I've seen 10 on 10, but today was the 12th, so I modified :) Take 12 pictures for 12 hours on the 12th day of the month. Document the beauty in everyday life!
8 a.m.

after breakfast Graham plays until naptime around 9...
9 a.m.

Graham naps, I drink coffee and watch the Today show....
10 a.m.
I do a few chores before Graham gets up usually around 11, but he woke up early today...

I tried something new and put a few toys in Graham's crib when he woke up
early and he played while I got a quick shower in.
11 a.m.

Graham finishes some milk from his sippy and eats
some ravioli for lunch
12 p.m.

Graham cracks me up and randomly lays down in the middle of the floor. He does this occasionally. I think he just has so much energy, he just runs out and needs to take a few seconds to recharge! Ha!

I fill up his 2nd sippy cup of the day.
1 p.m.
Graham and I head out to go to a store, and I notice some dark clouds.
Hopefully we'll finally get some good rain. This drought is crazy!!!
2 p.m.
Getting in the car to head home. He cracks me up with his legs like that!
3 p.m.
I have some quiet time on the back porch with my bible study. Graham took a looong nap,
so I got a lot done! I was pretty behind on it.
4 p.m

 I do some chores, Tuesday is mopping day... such a glamorous life I lead ;)
5 p.m.

Graham plays in the kitchen....

And plays in his room....

Momma reads to him, tickles him and chases him.

6 p.m.

Daddy gets home, and we all go for a little walk in the neighborhood,
then Chad feeds Graham dinner while I start dinner for us.
7 p.m.

Chad gives Graham his bath, puts him in his p.j.'s and gives him
his bottle while I read him his daily Bible story. Then, it's bedtime for Mister Graham.
8 p.m.

Chad and I eat dinner. We had soft tacos and rice. Aren't we fancy? ;)

There you have it! That's a pretty typical day in our life.