July 29, 2011

The Scoop On Our New Addition :)

Before Chad and I were even married, Chad always said by the time our first baby is one, he wants me to already be pregnant again. I wasn't opposed to the idea, but I definitely had some reservations... Then June came around and it was Graham's first birthday & the infamous "Baby Fever" had already set in! Let me backtrack...

When Graham was first born, (more specifically, right after he popped out) my first thought was, How can I ever do that again? All through his first months, I told myself that I wasn't even going to think about it until Graham was 2. Then as Graham got older, the baby weight dropped (and my memory of childbirth got hazier) I began to want another. It was around March/April when we took Graham to the beach for the first time, and we kept thinking It would be so nice to have two babies with us. We decided to toy with the idea of getting pregnant again. Then, as I was thinking of timing and when I'd get pregnant and what my due date month would be, I knew I did not want to be huge pregnant in the summer again. I was so swollen and miserable!!! And, for Houston, summer lasts from about May to mid-October. But, I didn't want to wait another year to get pregnant to have a winter baby. I really liked the idea of close to two years apart. So, that gave us only a couple possible months to conceive (May/June/July). Then, we realized I needed my wisdom teeth out before I got pregnant, so we scheduled that for the earliest date that worked, June 17th. We couldn't start trying until after that, so I thought for sure we would miss the month of June and (hopefully) get pregnant in July. As it turns out, the Lord had a wonderful plan and 3 weeks later, the morning of July 17th, we had a positive test!! I truly can't believe it happened so fast!

We had our first doctor's appointment today, and it was very similar to our first appointment with Graham. I am measuring a couple weeks behind what I should be according to my last period, which is a little concerning. However, my cycles are known to be far apart, and it seems I just ovulate really late in my cycle. We had an ultrasound to basically date my pregnancy, and all we could see so far is the gestational sac. I am measuring 5 weeks, 5 days and I had my blood taken to check hormone levels. They should call tomorrow with the results and I go back Monday to get my blood drawn again to see how much the hormones have gone up. On the 11th we'll go in for another ultrasound to see our sweet baby! I should be around 7 weeks. Even though we are fairly certain everything is normal with our baby, we appreciate your prayers. The same thing happened with Graham, so it is a little less stressful this time around.

I am feeling pretty good still, except for some fatigue (it doesn't help that we have a teething 14 month old keeping us up at night!) Gagging when I brush my teeth, the tell-tale tender boobs started last night, and I already feel the baby bloat (awesome). Other than that, no real nausea. Hopefully I will again be among the lucky few who get to skip the dreaded morning sickness.

 We feel so blessed that the Lord is trusting us with another baby. I am so excited to be pregnant again, and to give Graham a baby brother or a baby sister. We appreciate all your prayers for a healthy and happy baby and pregnancy!!!

“We prayed for this child and the Lord has granted us what we asked of Him.” 
– I Samuel 1:27

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