August 24, 2011


Sorry, readers! I have been on a little "blog-cation" these past few weeks! Between me having morning sickness-make that all day sickness- and this miserable HEAT WAVE THAT WON'T END, we have not been too exciting over here. And, when we have done something I have managed to forget my camera, or been too lazy to take any pictures. So, I'll just try to sum up the past couple of weeks.

First of all, Graham still has a cough, and since he hasn't had fever or worsening symptoms, I am thinking it could be related to teething, but who knows. He has been sleeping much much better, thank the Lord. Last weekend we spent the day running around to Sherwin Williams, Lowes & Home Depot. We bought some paint samples to paint the art niche by our master bedroom. I really love the color! We just need to get Chad's dad over to help with the edges since it is curvy and a little hard to do, and he is a master edger when it comes to painting. We also bought a new light fixture to go over the kitchen table, but when Chad hung it up, it just didn't look right. So, we took it down and returned it and bought one from overstock for around the same price that we both like so much better. It should be in in a few days!

The weekend before that, my sister and her family came into town and we spent time with them, and Monday night my sister and I went to see The Help. We both had read the book, and we loved the movie even though there were several parts that were left out or changed. Oh well, it was still fun and we can't wait for Breaking Dawn to come out in November! My mom was supposed to go with us, but she has been having all kinds of back problems from some slipped discs. She is doing much better now, but was in a lot of pain. She goes to get an MRI tomorrow, so please say some prayers for her that she won't have to have surgery and it can correct itself. We are all anxious to get her back to normal and so is she!! We also celebrated Chad's Grandad's 75th birthday last week, which was so fun. I forgot my camera, but took some cute one's with their camera. Graham was loving him some birthday cake! Here are some pictures of him in his rainboots, now all we need is some rain!!!!

Shopping at lowe's with Mommy and Daddy... and OH MY GOSH I just saw myself in the background, I totally look pregnant... EEK!!! 


Melissa Edwards said...

Those rainboot pics are adorable.

You don't look that preggo! You look great! And isn't it amazing how much quicker we are showing this time around?

Thayn Family said...

Aww Bren. Your little baby is adorable already! I miss being preggo!!!