August 9, 2011

Weekly Recap

Last Wednesday, we invited Chad's Gamme over to visit and eat burgers with us. We had been trying to get together with her for awhile, and either Graham got sick, she got sick or our schedules just weren't matching up, so we were glad to finally get to spend some time with her. We had a great time visiting, eating, and seeing her play with Graham. Even though she's Graham's Great Grandmother, she is still so fun and young that she gets down on the floor with him and plays and tickles him. We love spending time with Gamme, she is such a neat person and we love talking with her about her childhood growing up in Kerrville and all the family history. She has so many great stories. The baby I'm pregnant with will be great grandbaby # 14 for her!! Crazy!!!

Friday night, we decided to have a little mini-getaway and stay at a hotel for the night downtown. We liked the hotel a lot, we had a really nice room with a view and since we got there so late, just ate at the italian restaurant in the hotel. The food was really good, and I was craving italian food. After dinner, we just relaxed and watched Something Borrowed on the TV. The next morning we discovered renting a movie costs $16.99!!!!!!! Pretty much the same price as going to the theatre!!!! Oh well, we had a yummy breakfast then checked out and walked around the Galleria a bit and window shopped before heading home. It was nice to get to sleep in and all night long without waking up to a crying baby. Graham has been having some issues with seperation anxiety, so we haven't been getting much rest. It seems to be getting better now though, so I am thankful!!!

Saturday night, we met our friends Kelley and Jared for dinner at The Red Onion to celebrate Kelley's birthday. Graham started getting a cough the night before, so we kept the other babies on the other side of the table from him. Right before we got our food, poor Graham coughed so hard he threw up! I think it was a combo of coughing and that he drank some water too fast. Poor baby :( He is getting better though and hasn't had fever, but we are keeping an eye on him.

Graham has been doing so many new things lately, it is blowing my mind!!

-He now repeats everything you say

-If you ask him what a dog says he responds "woof woof" in the cutest little voice ever

-Grandma taught him to point to his eye when you say eye!

-If you ask him to bring you any book or toy, he will bring you exactly what you're talking about

-He is eating real food only now (chicken nuggets, fresh veggies and fruits he can easily chew) pretty much anything we eat but cut up small.

-He is running everywhere and now sometimes spins around and around, so cute

-He is terrified of his little tikes swing, and we have no idea why!

-I think he might be starting to cut out his morning nap and just take a long afternoon nap

In pregnancy news, I have been feeling pretty nauseas the past several days, even nearly throwing up a few times. Nothing sounds good to eat, and then I'll get a random craving. Once I eat my craving though, it won't sound good at all anymore. I picked up chick-fil-a today on our way to a friends house, and the cheese on my sandwich totally grossed me out, so I had to stop eating it, even though all day that's the only thing I could even think about stomaching. Anything we have at our house (except fruit) grosses me out. I almost threw up just opening the pantry to get Graham's breakfast yesterday morning.  Thursday we go in for an ultrasound, so we'll see how far along I am then and start the weekley belly bump pictures. I really want to keep up with it this time. I wish I had started them earlier b/c I am already feeling fat!   

My boys in their shades :)

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KatieOH said...

oh I love the crying in the swing photo. haha!!

Melissa Edwards said...

Noah loves his swing. I am so surprised. Maybe he will grow into it. Girl, wait until he is two. The things that come out of their mouths....

With N I didn't get sick until 12 weeks and got sick every single night until 19 weeks. This time I have been constantly nauseous and it sounds just like your symptoms. So wild! Yesterday and today have been the first days I have felt better and I am at ten weeks so maybe next week you will feel better?!

Here's hoping!

Melissa Edwards said...

PS Chads grandma looks so good for her age!!