September 15, 2011

Graham Updates

Well, I am blogging today from my iPhone because our computer has something wrong with it :( not sure what the deal is but hopefully it will be up and running again soon!

My poor baby is sick. G woke up yesterday morning with a fever of 100 and it got up to 101 last night so I took him to the pedi this morning. Ears chest and nose look good but he has some puss on his tonsils. The strep test was negative though, so he just needs lots of fluids and rest and Tylenol as needed. He is in a good mood though, for the most part, and still playing like normal.

In other news, Graham is 15 months now and he started throwing tantrums recently. Usually it's during mealtimes or when he's getting strapped into his carseat, or when we have to take something away that he shouldn't be playing with. Right now they are usually short-lived and we can calm him down by distracting him. We're trying not to indulge him though, and let him know that kind of behavior is not acceptable, while still remembering it's a very normal part of development, so we'll just have to deal with it to some degree. I can already tell this kid has a bit of a temper! He weighs 23 lbs now and is eating regular food just cut up. His favorite is fruit (grapes being #1). He's trying to learn to use utensils, and I need to be better about letting him practice, but it just gets so messy! He is all about his paci and his blue bear these days. He wants them with him all the time. I'm trying to get him to just use his paci for naps and bedtime but I need to be more consistent. He loves to ride his toy firetruck and play the music, he dances like no kid I've ever seen it's soo cute! He loves to drag laundry baskets around the house and throw his toys in our bathtub and he loves sitting on the couch and watching mickey mouse. He can climb down off the couch by himself really well and he climbed up by himself once a couple of days ago. He has 1 of his 1 yr molars in, so that is 9 teeth total. Maybe more but he hardly lets me get a good look. Still getting a bottle of milk before bed and sleeping 7:30-7:30.


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Melissa Edwards said...

So handsome! I love his fat little feet in the flip flops. His behavior reminds me so much of Noah at that age, so prepare yourself. LOL!