October 30, 2011

Early Signs of Nesting...

Last month, I cleaned out the garage while Graham was napping and Chad was at work. Ever since we've moved into our house (almost a year ago now!) the garage has defititely been the most neglected part of the house. I was always tripping over crap getting in and out of the car, and I was just plain sick of looking at the mess!! I finally decided to just do something about it. It really didn't take long at all, and I even swept the whole thing and cleaned out the cobwebs. I also finally set our garage doors to where we can open them with the key pad and don't have to use the garage door opener, which is great when we go on walks... or if we ever get locked out! It only took a year!! Ha!


Junk everywhere, no oragnization, lots of stuff that needed to be tossed all just thrown on the left side of the garage. I was embarrassed to open our garage door on that side!!


I threw a lot of stuff away, moved everything else to the right side, so I could park on the left, which makes it easier to put Graham in the car. I organized everything and grouped it together. I don't mind going into the garage at all now!! Much better!! Chad was definitely surprised and impressed when he got home that day! :)


Lindsay said...

Can u please bring your garage nesting over here? :) I don't tthink our garage is going to see the benefits of any of my nesting. The funny thing is, when I was in your garage a couple weeks ago I remember thinking (and saying) "your garage is so neat!" haha. :) glad u got that done though; I know it feels good!!

KatieOH said...

Our garage is so bad too! We've been in for a year now and I'm still decorating and rearranging the insides.