October 18, 2011

Graham Updates

Graham is now 16.5 months old!! I figured I needed to post about what he's been up to lately. I really love the stage he is at right now, but it definitely has some challenges.

SLEEP:  Last week, he was a horrible sleeper. He had a hard time falling asleep every single night and woke up multiple times during the night. He got several molars in recently so that did not help. I hate giving him tylenol every night, though becasue I feel like I'm going to OD him! Thankfully, he has been doing much better this week, and he has actually slept in really late the last 3 days!!! Yesterday he slept until 9 and today I woke him up around 9:30!!! He is napping right now, and yesterday he just took one long morning nap but did seem a little whiny by the evening. Not sure if he still needs 2 naps or not, but he seems to do best with a morning nap around  9 and an afternoon nap around 1. It could be chaning soon though.

EATING: He is still a champion eater. His favorites are still grapes and he loves these cheddar bunnies, they're basically goldfish.He will eat most any veggie though. Lately I've been giving him spinach and he seems to like it. This morning he ate a banana the regular way, without me cutting it up for him! He is so good at taking small bites and chewing up his food well. If he takes a too big bite, he'll just spit it out. Choking really freaks me out, so I am so glad he is not a choker.

TALKING: He is trying to repeat so much, everything we say I can see his little wheels turning trying to figure out how to talk. He makes up his own words too, airplane is "po" and he can say "hi" really well. He is still doing a lot of grunting/ yelling when excited and he has his own little language that sounds a little like chinese! He understands everything we say, and he'll bring us a specific toy/object if we ask him to so I know he will be a big talker in just a matter of time.

PLAYING: He will gravitate towards one specific toy and play with it for several days and then move onto the next. Right now he is loving pushing his walker all around. He gets so mad/frusturated when he can't fit it through a tight space like between the kitchen table and wall. He also loves to kiss the dishwasher. He can see his reflection in it since it's black and there are always mouth marks on it, haha!

PROBLEMS: He has started hitting other kids! It's so awful, I get so embarrassed but I know he is not doing it to be mean, it's just his way of trying to say hi or play with them. I just read a good article online about it here which had some helpful ideas and explained the reasoning behind his behavior. So, I'm sorry in advance to all our future play date buddies and moms, I am working on it with him!!

FUNNY/ CUTE THINGS: Sunday, when he was sitting in his high chair eating breakfast, I was standing next to him, and he kept trying to feed cheerios to my belly! Makes me think he knows there is a little someone in there :) I've been trying to tell him that his baby sister is in mommy's tummy and point to my belly and say "Baby Claire" but I don't think he really gets it yet. Maybe when my tummy starts getting bigger and he can feel the kicks. He LOVES to dance, and he dances like no baby I've ever seen!!! The way he moves his hips is absolutely hysterical! He also dances in the car and has some sweet hand movements!! Also, if me and Chad are laughing about something, he will chime right in, so cute!!!

Busting a move for everyone at Chad's birthday dinner

Eating some "Sghetti"

Graham and our friends baby Corbin

Graham and his cousin Jaxson

Trying to steal some of Jaxson's birthday presents

Visiting his Grandma and Pepaw

Hanging out with his cousin Charlotte

Still loves playing basketball

Loves drinking out of water bottles. Getting a sip from Gamme, Chad's Grandmother

Hanging out with Gamme. We had Gamme and Chad's Dad over for dinner for their birthdays last month.

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