October 17, 2011

Happy 26th Birthday, Chad!!

We had a busy weekend, in fact all of October and November will be very busy! But that makes the time go by faster and before we know it, Little Miss Claire will be here! Friday night, we went to Chad's parents to celebrate with his family. We ate pizza, opened presents and had one of Chad's favorite desserts his grandmother makes, we call it chocolate dessert. It's sooo good. I need to get the recipe from her! Anyway, Chad got lots of good gifts, a nice sweater, 2 underarmor shirts, & a few

 Yesterday was his actual birthday, and Graham was so nice to let us sleep in! We were going to be late for church, so we ended up going to breakfast. I gave Chad his gifts right when we woke up, an under armor golf shirt (he loves under armor if you couldn't tell) some boxers, and a washers game set. It's portable so you can take it anywhere. After breakfast, we went to the outlet mall and Chad got some more under armor shirts and we bought Claire an adorable little pink onsie with a tutu attached. Then we went home, put Graham down for a nap and later that night, my parents came over and babysat while Chad and I went to eat at Lupe Tortillas. Chad wanted one of those margaritas with a beer in it, haha. I wanted queso  :) We split fajitas then had the best brownie sundae for dessert. All in all, Chad said he had the best birthday ever. I love a guy who is easy to please! :)

Happy birthday, babe!!!! We love you to pieces!!!!!

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Christina Bassi said...

Looks like he had a great birthday. I love that last picture of you and Chad. You have such a cute prego belly.