October 14, 2011

Happy Harvest!

Halloween Decorating:
Fake cobwebs & spiders I picked up at the dollar store

I love candy corn! Apples, candy corn and fake cobwebs and spiders in apothecary jars

My mom let me have this ceramic witch house. She would put it out every Halloween growing up and I always liked it. Graham likes it too!

Pumpkin patch Yankee candle, smells amazing

Picked up these cute beaded pumpkins at Home Goods

More fake cobwebs and spiders on our porch

Metal yard pumpkins I picked up at Homegoods for like $7 each

Fall wreath with cobwebs. I love the wreath, its from Hobby Lobby 50% off

That's my extent of Fall decorating so far. I plan to pick up some more stuff on sale after the season is over, so I can use it next year. They have some really cute Halloween decorations at Marshall's and Homegoods!

I love all holidays, and Halloween is no exception! There are several reasons this holiday ranks up there with my top favorites:

1. Since we live in Houston, the fall weather is such a relief from the summer! There are so many outdoor activities you can enjoy.
2. I love seeing all the little kids dress up. I loved dressing up when I was a kid, and I was a witch almost every year. I already have Claire's first witch costume picked out :) Now that I have kids, I get to relive it by dressing them up!!
3. I love good old fashioned trick or treating. I think it's so fun to pass out candy and get to meet people in your neighborhood you might otherwise not get to meet.
4. I love all the Halloween movies. Not the super scary ones, but the classics :) I'm still a chicken. Good thing Chad is too, so he doesn't make me watch anything too scary.
5. I love all the classic fall/halloween activities: pumpkin patches, hayrides, applecider, bobbing for apples and carving pumpkins.
6. I love halloween parties
7. I love halloween songs (check out my blog playlist :)
8. Finally.... the free candy!!!!! Especially when your pregnant and you have an excuse to eat all the candy your toddler can't yet eat, pretty much guilt-free :)

Here are my top scary movies I think are great for Halloween.The list goes from the least scary to the most. The least scary are good for your whole fam to watch together and then the most would be nice to cuddle up with your hubby, some popcorn and the candy you stole from your kids after they went to bed. That's not just me who does that, right? :)

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! A classic Halloween kid fav.
Double Double Toil and Trouble It's a Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen TV movie I used to love as a kid
Hocus Pocus- I still watch this movie every Halloween, great for every age!
The Witches- One of my favorites as a kid, maybe a little too scary for really little kids
Ghostbusters 1 & 2: Who doesn't love Ghostbusters?
Practical Magic A few creepy parts but mostly just a good supernatural story with a little love story
Arachnaphobia: Watched it a million times growing up, not too scary but a good creature feature
Ghost: classic 80's movie
The Birds: An Alfred Hitchcock classic
What Lies Beneath: One of my all-time favorite movies. It's just scary enough and has no blood and guts, just pure suspense!
The Skeleton Key: A supernatural suspense, with a twist
The Others: A good old fashioned ghost story- with a crazy twist. I think it's pretty scary
The Gift: A good super natural thriller again with lots of twists. I own this one
Stir of Echoes: Keeps you on the edge of your seat and very creepy... I own it also, but don't watch it anymore because it scares me, haha

If you watch one of  my suggestions that you haven't seen before, let me know how you like it!

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