October 17, 2011

Saturday Festivities

Along with celebrating Chad's birthday, we celebrated Lily & Lexi's 3rd birthday, and our friends Cait and Chris' wedding! I used to babysity Lily and Lexi before we had Graham. I can't believe they are 3!!! And they now have a baby brother who is exactly 6 months younger than Graham. They had a princess party at the park, and all the family was there. There are a ton of little kids on this side of the family, so so fun! The girls main present was an awesome hot pink barbie convertible. Every little girls dream! Graham had fun running around and eating pizza and icecream cake.

Graham had the bean bag toss down, he would just walk right up and push it through the hole!

Graham and his cousin Abbey. These little kids are all Chad's cousins children.

Graham and one of the birthday girls, Lexi

Lily and Lexi checking out the tea party set we got them. We also got them pink tutus.

Already fighting over the toys :)

Birthday girl Lily and cousin Gabby

Hot stuff in their barbie convertible!!

Graham still hates swinging! I can't figure that one out.

Love those little Levi's on him :)

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