October 17, 2011

Weekly Dinner Menu

Here's my dinner menu for this week, I'm so bad at making a weekly dinner menu, but I'm trying to be better. I figure I should start doing it now, because it will make things a lot easier when Claire gets here! I am loving Pinterest for help with new recipes! Blogs are of course a great resource too. I put a link for everything I found online :) Feel free to share with me any recipe staples you use, I can always use new ideas!

MONDAY: Rotisserie chicken, red potatoes, fresh green beans, salad and crescent rolls (my parents are coming over for dinner for Chad's birthday)

TUESDAY: Cheesy enchilada casserole, corn and steamed brocolli

WEDNESDAY: Slow cooker Angel Chicken with pasta

THURSDAY: Grilled tilapia, fresh steamed spinach and rice

FRIDAY: Leftovers/ or go out to eat/or pizza

SATURDAY: Nachos for lunch. For dinner we have plans.

SUNDAY: Easy Crock-pot salsa chicken with beans and rice


Thayn Family said...

Way to go Bren! My favorite recipe blog is melskitchencafe.com. I use it for everything and each recipe I use turns out great! Try the Enchiladas with red sauce. SOOOO good! love you~!

KatieOH said...

Obviously I'm obsessed with Pinterest too! And my blog haha :) Some of our staples are turkey meatballs (for spaghetti or subs) and Chinese chicken or pork casserole. I'm so impressed/jealous you cook every day! I basically cook big on Sunday and then might cook something small on Wednesday or Thursday.