November 8, 2011

Graham's First Haircut

It only took 17 months, but the day finally arrived...Graham needed a haircut! After being mistaken for a girl on several occasions, we decided it was time for his first trim. We took him to Snip-Its at the Woodlands Mall (if you go there, print off the coupon first for a $10 haircut, regularly $19). Graham did surprisingly well, the animal crackers kept him entertained and happy for the whole ordeal. Happily, most of his curls are still in tact, and it looks a lot better.

An animal cracker in each hand

He looks so grown up, don't you think?

1 comment:

Melissa Edwards said...

OMG! So cute. The first hair cut was so hard on me because he looked so grown up afterwards. But it looks like he was way more cooperative than Noah was!