November 15, 2011

Malin Dallas Trip

On Friday, Chad and I flew to Dallas for Malin's 40th Anniversary party. Chad and his dad work at the same company, so we got to travel with his parents too, which is nice. It was actually me and Chad's first time to fly together! We've been to Lake Tahoe, The Bahamas, and Key West together, but we've never flown together, crazy! Anyway, the plane was teeny tiny, but it's a super short flight, so wasn't a big deal. Friday night they had dinner and dancing. Saturday, they had a yummy breakfast and then we went to the Malin headquarters in Dallas and ate lunch and toured the warehouse. Then on Saturday night, they had the big party with a band and dinner and drinks. They had another big breakfast again on Sunday morning before we flew home. It was a fun little getaway, and it was nice getting to meet all the co-workers Chad has talked about before. Chad has been at Malin for 3 years now, and his dad about 17. The hotel was actually in Addison, where Chad and I got engaged. Crazy we were going back with our little Claire Addison on the way. :) My parents kept Graham and spoiled him rotten. My mom said he would sometimes look at the back door and say "Mama" but he did really well. He has started waking up around 6-6:30, though!! :( At least he is still taking 2 naps a day!! He can also now say Chloe and Ty, which are my parents dogs, and Mimi and Papa! We're still working on Grandma and Pepaw.
Chad's parents on the bus to the hotel

Before we headed to dinner

Our view from our room

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Melissa Edwards said...

What a nice little get a way for you guys. Funny you had never flown together. I bet you did miss your boy.