November 23, 2011

On the Road Again

We are about 1/3 of the way to Tyler. We had a ton of stuff to do this morning before we left so by the time we got in the car I was already tired.

We got up around 7:30 and I fed G breakfast while Chad packed his bag and then I showered and got ready and we went to drop off Chads rental car. He got in a small fender bender backing into a parking space a week or two ago, and so he had to drive a rental while his truck was being fixed. So we dropped off the rental and then went to Gap so Chad could get a few sweaters and long sleeve shirts. After that we picked up the truck and went back to the house to finish packing and feed Graham lunch before we headed out.

I still had to pack for me and Graham so after what seemed like forever we were all loaded up in the car. Graham was a little hyped up so he was yelling and making all kinds of noise even though we were hoping he would nap. I gave him a couple of fries from our chick fil a we picked up and that kept him happy until he finally passed out. He is still asleep and looks so sweet. He is a happy camper for the most part as long as he has his paci and his blue bear. I'm gonna have to get a pink one for Claire I think. He loves to rub the tag on it and has rubbed all the words off.

Last night we went out to dinner because I didn't want to cook and have leftovers that would just go bad since we'll be gone. We went to Carino's (aka Johnny Carino's but I guessed they dropped the Johnny?). We hadn't been in forever. It was soooo good especially the chocolate cake we got for dessert. On the way home we were talking and Graham was being adorable as always and I got so excited to have another little munchkin in the backseat. Of course I am always excited about her but it seems a lot closer now. I'm even excited about giving birth again- crazy.

We're going to start cleaning out and organizing her nursery and closet this weekend and order her furniture, as soon as I make a final decision on it. We're also going to put all the Christmas decorations up this weekend. I have been wanting to do a post about some updates we've made to the house so I'll probably do our Christmas decorations post at the same time.

Ok well I guess that's it. There was really no point to this post I guess, so thanks and congrats if you read all of this...ha!

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope everyone has a safe and fun Turkey Day! :)

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