November 10, 2011

Our Anniversary

This year, we had my parents watch Graham for the night, and Chad and I grabbed dinner at Americas in The Woodlands on Saturday. I didn't take any pictures of us at dinner, because we were too busy enjoying the food! Afterward, we grabbed some dessert and coffee at Hubble and Hudson and sat outside to enjoy the nice weather. It was a fun night. I just realized I've been pregnant for 2 out of our 3 anniversaries!!! Crazy!! Anyway, Sunday we went to the outlet mall and my wonderful husband bought me a new Coach purse! He was so cute about it, because he didn't tell me I was getting one until after we ate lunch and he told me he knew what store we should go to first, (I totally thought it was the Under Armor store... lol) Then he took us into Coach and let me pick out any purse I wanted! So sweet! :) I got a super cute pewter colored handbag. It goes with everything and I love it!! Since Monday was our actual anniversary, we went to the new Texas Roadhouse right down the street. Perfect anniversary!!!

On our way to dinner

 Eating dessert

My new purse!!! :)


Jalei & Lane said...

Love your purse! Happy anniversary!

Blogging with the Bryan's said...

Love the purse!

Christina said...

Happy anniversary, you guys!

Melissa Edwards said...

Happy anniversary and what a gorgeous purse. You guys are adorable.