November 22, 2011

Out of Town Wedding

We hit the road for Austin Friday afternoon to attend the wedding of Chad's cousin, Brent. Chad had a bunch of work to do before we left, so I spent the morning finishing up laundry and packing us up. Graham and I met my SIL Kara for lunch at Panera bread before Chad got home, and then we loaded everything up headed out. We had to stop about 5 times on the 3 hour drive so I could pee, oh the joys of pregnancy :) When we got to my sisters we ate dinner and let the kids play for awhile before putting them down. They are really cute together, and have fun chasing eachother around and stealing toys from eachother. Mer had surgery last week to repair a belly button hernia, so she can't pick up Charlotte right now, which is tough on both of them. When the kids finally got to bed, Graham cried for about 45 minutes before finally passing out. He is not very good with a change in routine, but thankfully he did great the next night when Mer and Randall watched him.

Saturday morning, Mer and I went to see Breaking Dawn. Mer hasn't read any of the books, but she still likes the movies, so we've gone to see the last 3 together. Then we met the boys and babies for lunch before Chad and I had to get ready for the wedding at 5. The wedding was at a vineyard only 10 miles from Mer and Randall's, so it worked out great!

The wedding was really pretty, but it was a tad torturous for me, since I can't have wine :( We hung out until about 9:45, then I had to hit the hay..... We headed out the next morning after Mer made us some delicious banana pancakes. Graham slept the majority of the way home, so that's what counts as a sucessful trip in my mind! We are hitting the road again on Wednesday for Thanksgiving in Tyler, so hopefully Graham will do better than he did last year.

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