November 3, 2011

Prayers Please!

It's a big day for Chad's Mom's side of the family tomorrow. Tomorrow Chad's Grandad is having heart surgery and Chad's Mom is having out-patient surgery on her kidney.  Grandad had a stint put in today, but it wasn't as effective as they'd hoped, so that is why they will be doing bypass surgery tomorrow. He had a heart attack several years ago, so this will be his second by-pass surgery, I think. Chad's Mom is having exploratorty surgery on her kidney because last week some tests were run, and they found out one of her kidney's has a blockage and is not funtioning for some reason. Hopefully they will be able to fix it tomorrow.  We will be spending the day visiting all our family while they are in surgery :( Please just pray that both surgeries are successful and that everyone will be back to normal soon!!!
Chad and Graham with Maw and Grandad on Halloween last year

Chad's birthday dinner this year

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