November 27, 2011

Turkey Day!!

Well, we made it to Tyler and checked into our hotel. The last several years we've just shared a hotel with my parents to save money, so they were already there when we arrived. We visited and unpacked and then loaded up and headed to Ann and Kenneth's (Ann is my mom's first cousin) for dinner. We ate pulled pork sandwiches and appetizers and some of my dad's famous chocolate sheet cake. We didn't visit too long, because we needed to get Graham in bed, so the 3 of us headed back to the hotel for the night. Graham has a hard time sleeping in the same room with us, but my saavy hubby rigged a bunch of chairs & blankets together so that he couldn't see us from his pack n' play and it worked out great. Graham even slept through my parents coming in later and an alarm that went off about 4 am that was blaring mexican music! The next morning, Graham had a blast running around watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (a Hastings family tradition) and playing with Papa (my dad) and Chad, while I put together a banana pudding, and then we went to breakfast. We tried to put Graham down for his morning nap, but he wasn't having it. He slept maybe 20 minutes, and I knew he wouldn't be taking an afternoon nap with all the craziness at Ann and Kenneth's later.

We headed to Ann and Kenneth's for Thanksgiving dinner around 1. We decided that we weren't going to stay a 2nd night before we left, because Graham would be overtired and would most likely keep us all up that night. We had so much fun visiting with everyone and eating and chasing Charlotte and Graham around. They wanted to be outside the whole time, so that didn't give us much time to sit and visit as much as we'd like.

Getting all washed up for Thanksgiving!

Daddy thought it would be pretty funny to put my towel around my waste

The kiddos playing outside in the beautiful chilly weather

Looking at old family pictures

 My cousin Jessica and her boyfriend

Aunt Patti, Erin and Debra

Mer and I with our cousin, Erin from Baton Rouge

My sister, mom and I

Graham loves his Papa!

We tried to put G down for an afternoon nap with no success, so we headed out about at about 4. We had a nice drive home with no traffic which was awesome. We made it home in time to feed Graham dinner and put him to bed! All in all, a great Thanksgiving! I can't believe next year we will have a 2 1/2 year old and 8 month old in tow! :)

Hitting the road!

Thought this picture was funny...good thing we have dual air control! ;)

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