November 5, 2011

Update On Our Family

Yesterday morning we dropped Graham off with my Mom and went to visit Grandad in the hospital. He was in ICU, but he looked great and we visited with him for a while and he was just like normal. He ended up not having to get double by-pass, and he was released today! We are so thankful! We headed straight to see Chad's mom before she went into surgery. We got to visit with her for a few minutes before they took her back. We grabbed some lunch with Kara and David while she was in surgery, then headed back to wait until she got out. She did great in surgery, and everything went as expected. The blockage in her kidney was scar tissue, so they put a stint in, and have to go back in 4-6 weeks to remove the stint. Her kidney is healthy, so that is a major relief! Both of our patients are recovering at home and doing well. Thanks for the prayers everyone!!!

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