December 3, 2011

18 Months!!!

Can you believe it? I can't! 18 months old already. Only 6 months until age 2, and only 3 months until Graham's a big brother. How has my baby boy grown so fast?
GROWTH: I have to schedule his 18 month check up still, but by the looks of it, I'd say he's around 27ish pounds. He's wearing size 18 month clothes, 2T is still a little big on him, but 18 mos. pants fit just right. So I'm thinking he's average-small for his height, and avg for his weight. He's in size 5 diapers. He's got the chunkiest little thighs that I could just eat up!

SLEEPING: Still taking 2 naps a day (9a.m.-11ish) and (3ish-5ish) It's kind of sporadic and depending on errands we're running, his nap times vary. But he is still going to bed at 7:30 and sleeping until about 7 a.m. Night wakings pretty much only when teething, or has a super wet diaper.

EATING: This kid is an eater! I hear lots of moms having problems with their kid not eating, but not me! Graham gobbles up pretty much anything you set in front of him. His favorites are bananas (he eats a whole banana every morning) string cheese, chicken nuggets, those gerber meat sticks, grapes, strawberries, apples (any kind of fruit, really) crackers, goldfish (his favorite),  any kind of dessert, pototatoes, he even likes veggies! So thankful he is such a good eater. He is still drinking about 3 sippies of milk a day and a bottle before bed. Along with lots of water and the occasional apple juice.

DEVELOPMENT: This kid loves to talk. The past monht, he has started repeating or trying to repeat everything we say! He can now say baby, cow, truck, tractor, hi (his most used word), bubba, mimi, papa, car, and a lot of others. He understands everything, though. I asked him to bring me his yellow car today (it was in his toy basket) and he went a got it! He loves to go outside and will just go the backdoor and bang on it. He loves the Christmas tree, and will occasionally gently touch an ornament, but has been really good with it. His new favorite thing to do is say "Hi!" really loud to anyone and everyone when we're out in public, then frown and act shy when they say hi back. Little stinker! He also loves to run up to me and hug my legs. So sweet!

ISSUES: Still trying to get the concept of not hitting, but he's getting there. He wacked me a couple of times today, actually. He is testing the limits and will do something he knows he's not supposed to just to see how we'll react. Normal toddler stuff. He also tends to get very clingy when I'm trying to make dinner.

He really is the funniest, sweetest, smartest, happiest little boy! He's so loved and cherished. I am such a proud Mama. We love you, Mister! Happy 18 months!!!!

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