December 9, 2011

18 Month Check-Up

This was a week of doctor's visits! Graham had is 18 month check up yesterday, complete with his MMR vaccine. I wanted to wait until he was 18 months to get it since it's a live vaccine and he was a little sick last time we went in for a check-up at 12 months. We had to see a doctor that isn't his regular doctor because he was booked up until January! Since he is 18 months, they asked lots of questions related to austism to see if he has any signs. He passed with flying colors, and he is right on track for everything, including how much sleep, milk and food he's getting. Yay! His ears looked fabulous (as they usually do, she even commented on how he doesn't even have any wax) His lungs sounded perfect and so did his heart and she said he's getting his incsisors in. All in all, my baby boy is developing and growing wonderfully! Such a blessing and a nice reinforcement that we are being good parents :) He is such a little sweetie pie he makes it easy! We came home and ate lunch, then I gave him some tylenol and Graham went down for a 3 hour nap!

Here are his 18 month Stats:

Height: 31" (14.39%) He is a little bit of a shorty, but we are not a family of tall people

Weight: 25 pounds, 12 ounces (48.05%) Right in the middle! He has defnitely caught up in the weight department since he was an infant. This kid does not shy away from meals!

Head Circumference: 18.82" (50.12%)

Me and my baby boy

I spend quite a lot of time each day reading this book :) His favorite right now.

Graham and Dada. Love my boys!!!

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