December 27, 2011

27 Weeks!!

How Far Along: 27 Weeks... Now entering the 3rd Trimester!!!!! :)

Size of baby: A head of cauliflower, 2 pounds and 14.5 inches long

Total Weight Gain: With all the Christmas festivities, I may give myself an extra day or two until I step on the scale :)

Maternity Clothes: I actually tried on a pair of stretchy non-maternity jeggings today that buttoned! I didnt' wear them, but it was nice that I could fit into them at 6.5 months along!! I have hope that it won't take me that long to get back to a happy pre-pregnancy size this time around..... but we'll see ;)

Movement: She's had a lot of hiccups lately! I think she may have recently turned head down too.

Sleep: Sleeping good, with less heartburn.

What I miss: Same as last week: Sleeping on my back, being able to move around easily and bend over.

Cravings: Same as last week: Pop-tarts! Every morning lately I eat 2 pop-tarts and a glass of milk. I told Chad last night, I seriously look forward to pop-tarts the next morning when I go to bed, haha

Symptoms: Ugh. Friday night, I started feeling sciatica pain. Even with resting a bunch for the past few days, when I start moving around I feel it. It's been getting a little worse everyday, but hopefully it will go away and not continue to get worse. It's on my right side only, and I haven't had the shooting pain down my leg. I had some of this with Graham while we were moving, and Chad literally had to carry me to bed that night. It hasn't been that bad, but more constant. I am thinking she turned head down, and that she is pressing on my nerve.

Best Moment This Week: Christmas!! Claire even got several Christmas presents!! :)

Best Comment of the Week:  Nothing that sticks out.

What I'm looking forward to: I'm really looking forward to having two kids! We talked several times this week about how fun it will be next year at Christmas with Claire being 9 months old, and Graham 2 1/2.

Milestones: She's practicing inhaling and exhaling with her rapidly developing lungs. It's official: Claire's showing brain activity! And her brain will keep on getting more complex.

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Traci said...

Can't believe how fast its going, but then again tucker is already 1.5 months old! We must get together soon!