December 2, 2011

Baby Bragging Moment

I had to jot down what just happened. Chad got home from work, and hung out with us for a few minutes before going to work out. Graham was running around like a wild banchee child like always, and had taken his morning nap earlier today from 9:30-12ish. Since he'll be 18 months (tomorrow!!!) I have been thinking he's going to grow out of 2 naps a day any time now. Yesterday, he never settled down for his afternoon nap, and since his morning nap today was so long, I figured I just wouldn't put him down this afternoon. Well, right before Chad left, he changed Graham's dipe, then headed out the door.  Graham came running into the living room with his bear, and I asked him if he wanted to take a nap (figuring he would shake his head no) and he nodded! I told him we needed to go find his paci, so he started looking for it, then I grabbed one as he ran to his room. As soon as we were in, I started closing the blinds and curtains, and he shuts his door, and runs to his crib. So I lay him down, and he rolls over and doesn't make a peep! He's sound asleep right now. Not sure if this is normal 18 month old behavior, but I'll take it! Guess we'll be staying with 2 naps a day for the time being, which is perfectly fine with this pregnant Mama! :)

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