December 14, 2011

Life with a Toddler

First, a little background....

One thing that is really great about Graham right now is that he is easily tricked. Ok, that sounds mean, but I don't use this power for evil, I promise! For example, if I need to change his diaper, and he does NOT want to get on the changing table, I say some thing like, "Oh! Graham!! Let's change your diaper!! In a really excited voice and say "OH do you wanna play with this diaper rash cream?? That would be so fun!!" Then I might have to sing a silly song or something while changing his diaper and it usually works. He starts laughing or gets distracted playing with whatever little item I give him to keep him occupied and usually is fairly still for the whole 2 minute process.

Also, if he is messing or playing with something he shouldn't be, the power of distraction is downright amazing. I'll just tell him he can't play with that, and tell him to go get me his bear or piggy or trucks and tractors book, and he'll stop what he's doing and run off excidedly to go bring it to me. I don't know how long this will last, but it sure works like a charm right now!

So yesterday, I wanted him to try on a hat that I bought him recently. He wasn't having it, and has fussed and yanked it off everytime I've tried. So, I decided to put it on myself first, then I put it on him, and said "Graham!! You look so handsome!!! Let's go see!" So, I picked him up and took him to look at himself in the mirror and oohed and ahhed over how cute he looks, and he ate it up!! The kid loves hats now! Check out the proof...

He literally wanted to wear it all day! Distracting also works really good when I'm trying to get him buckled into his carseat and he is bucking and throwing a fit. This happened the other day and  I said in an excited voice "Listen to those birds chirping!! Do you hear that?? What are they saying??" (Birds really were chirping, btw) and just like that, he stopped fussing and listened! Or I'll ask if he wants to play with one of his car toys. He also has a nice little habit of randomly screaming at the top of his lungs when we're out in public, so I taught him to put his finger to his mouth (you know, the quiet sign) and say "Shh Shh Shh" he thinks its so fun, and so I'll do that when he gets a little too loud. This age defnitely has its challenges, (and not to sound smug or that I have it all figured out... that is definitely not the case...) but I kind of feel like right now, I am able to prevent most major meltdowns by keeping my cool and manipulating my toddler into doing what I want, ha!

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Melissa Edwards said...

Oh I miss the distraction trick. Next he will learn how to tune you out and distractions won't work as easily. HA! Best of luck!!