December 9, 2011

Home Improvement Ideas: Kid's Bathroom

I've been wanting to update the 2nd bathroom for awhile now. There's nothing wrong with it right now, it's just kind of boring to me. It's brown and cream and it needs a little pop of color. I wanted to wait until we knew what baby #2 would be to decide the color scheme. I decided I wanted to do something bright, fun and very kid-friendly, but still cute enough that our guests could appreciate it :) Since we'll soon have a boy and a girl, I thought blue and pink would be perfect. I found the pottery barn shower curtain on their website today, and I love it! I searched on Target, Walmart and RH baby & Child and nothing else I found matched my vision as well. I think we'll do a green color similar to this for the walls, and I might even attempt to paint the cabinets white.... I want to switch out the mirror in there to a framed mirror. I have a black framed mirror that might work, and I could just spray paint it white. The lighting is fine with me for now. Here is what I have in mind for everything else:

1: Monogrammed towels for Claire and Graham to hang on the towel rack- Pottery Barn Kids

2: Shower Curtain -Pottery Barn Kids

3: Bath Mats- Pottery Barn Kids

4: Light green glass soap dispenser- Target (I've been eyeing this for awhile)

5:  Large framed pictures of each of the kids to hang on the wall -( I'll probably find these at Hobby Lobby and spray paint Claire's in pink and Graham's in blue.)


Blogging with the Bryan's said...


0s0-Pa said...

Very cute ideas for the kids bathroom home improvement! Looks like I'll have a busy summer getting things ready!

Bryan Johnson said...

It's inspirational for renovation our bathroom for kids. Thank for sharing this wonderful post.

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