December 12, 2011

I Love a Good Deal!!

So, like I said in my last post, I am hating all my maternity jeans right now without the full belly panel. I headed to Old Navy this afternoon to pick up another pair of the full panel skinny jeans I wear all the time, but they didn't have my size. I was going to just go to another Old Navy to see if they had them, but decided to look online first. I never shop for my clothes online, but I found the jeans I wanted and saw that they are having a 30% off promo when you type in HOLIDAY at the checkout that ends tomorrow! Also, if you order $50 or more, you have free shipping! At first, I just ordered the jeans, but then I realized if I ordered a $12 shirt, with the free shipping, my total would only come out $3 more than I was spending. So, I called and cancelled my order and placed another order for the skinny jeans and a cute hooded tunic that I can hopefully wear with my black leggings. Altogether, including shipping and tax, my total was $39 which was  about $5.00 less than I would've paid in-store for just the jeans! :) Gotta love a good deal, right?

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