December 9, 2011

Last Weekend

We had a lot going on last weekend, and we got a lot done! First, we started off Saturday by me finishing up some laundry and getting a few chores done. Then, we started on Claire's room. We loaded up a TON of clothes, lamps, pillows, decorative pictures, and baby items into Chad's truck and he hauled it all off to the Good Will. Then, I organized the rest of the stuff that was in there and put it all into plastic bins to be stored. Her closet still has some wrapping paper, extra pillows and a few boxes in it, but that will all be easily moved into another place for storage.
The room before we sold the furniture

Her room now

A good start on her wardrobe! :)

Still have to figure out where the storage bins will go

The rocking chair I picked up at Good Will for $25! I still have to figure out what color I will paint it. I love it because it's so comfy. It fits me perfectly!
After that was all taken care of, we headed to Val and Brandon's for Grayson's 1st birthday party!

Graham with his 2nd cousins. Grayson is the only boy in his family (his older sisters are Lexi and Lily), so I think he was super excited to be around Graham! :)

After the birthday party, we headed to Sherwin Williams to look at paint colors for Claire's nursery. We settled on a pale pink that matched her bedding the best.The sample looks perfect on the wall, so we will be painting her nursery very soon!! I love that the color is called "Angelic"... perfect for a sweet baby girl. :) Saturday night we visited with the neighbors and Graham played outside with Chad and the little girl who lives next door for awhile, and then I spent the rest of the evening baking cookies and making fudge for the White Elephant party. I'm sad to say my cookies didn't really turn out as planned, so I ended up buying some store bought cookies on Sunday. The fudge turned out pretty good though, and it was my first attempt at making it, so I was happy.

Her wall color!

Sunday, we spent the day getting the house in order for the White Elephant party that night. Everyone came over at 6, so Chad took off with Graham around 5:30. The party was so fun, like it is every year. All the gifts were so cute, and the food was delicious. I have a few pictures, but I was too busy having fun to really take many.

The dessert table. Evertything was delicous! That cheesecake was amazing and so were the cake balls Chad's mom made.

You can see my "melting snowman" cookies in the middle. I'm not very good at doing the icing but they still tasted pretty good.

The food table after we had already dug in. Sooo good!!!

Ok, I think that wraps up the weekend. This weekend we are going to try to knock out the rest of our Christmas shopping, take Graham to see Santa and drive around to see Christmas lights. Love the Christmas season, but it sure is a busy time of year!!!

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