December 21, 2011


Wow, these past couple of weeks have been crazy! I don't know if it's pregnancy brain or what, but I have felt like it has been an absolute beat-down to get everything done for Christmas. I am finally feeling like I am on the home stretch of finishing my Christmas shopping. What made it so crazy this year, is that everything I tried to do, I ended up having to re-do it! I took back numerous presents and exchanged them for something else at several differnt stores, went to 3 different places to get ribbon for wrapping presents. I found some at Target and bought 2 rolls and they barely wrapped any presents. Then I went to Hobby Lobby only to find out at the register the ribbon would be 50% off the next week, so I left empty handed. I went to Babies R Us last week, only to find no shopping carts, and a very un-helpful manager (hello?? Do you not see me struggling holding my toddler, a big diaper bag and a big pregnant belly?!) If a young, pregnant mom of a toddler can't get a little help the week before Christmas in a crowded toy store, by the management, chivalry is 100% dead.

Oh, just thinking about that incident gets me all fired up, so I'll go ahead and tell the story...

 I went to Babies R Us to get some stuff for Graham and Charlotte, and even though it was the middle of the week, and the middle of the day, it was packed. As I was getting Graham out of the car, I saw a sketchy looking guy walking into the parking lot, so I decided to hurry in, and get a cart inside (even though there were several in the parking lot) Well, I get inside, only to find one stinking cart in the store which had one of those infant seats on top... not gonna work. So I asked a manager standing right there if I could get a cart. His response? "We don't have any, and there are none outside." I told him I saw several outside, and he said someone just made a run to get all the carts 10 minutes ago. Umm...hello?? There are people coming in and out every 2 seconds, so don't you think in 10 minutes time there would be at least one cart outside?? (I didn't say this, but was thinking it.) I told him again I saw some outside, hoping he would at least look out there and go get one for me. Well, he didn't and I could tell he wasn't going to help, so I said "Don't worry about it, I'll figure it out..." and was about to go all the way out to the parking lot again to get myself a cart, when he asked a woman who was leaving if she was done with her cart. He took it away from her, to give to me, like he was doing me a big favor! I don't think the other lady appreciated getting her cart taken away and having to carry her present outside, but I guess it was just too much trouble for this dude to go a little out of his way. WOW. I was pissed the whole time I was there. Pregnancy hormones may have made it a little worse, but that is pretty freakin' ridiculous if you ask me! Chad offered to go beat him up when I told him what happened, and I was tempted to say YES!! On Sunday, Chad practically stalked this one guy in Kroger the whole time we were there because we saw him park in the pregnancy spot, when he was all by himself. He never found him, but I was a little worried about what would happen if he did. Note to all guys: If there is a woman, especially one that is pregnant how about you stop being selfish for 2 seconds, and open the door for her, get up and let her have your seat when there isn't another one available, don't park in the Expecting Mother's spot at the grocery store, and think about how you would want your pregnant wife/mother/sister/daughter to be treated. And yes, all of those things have happend (or should I say, didn't happen for me at some point during this pregnancy.)

I am just so happy we get to raise a son who will know how to treat women, and will be respectful, kind and courteous. Ok, my little rant is over. I actually feel a little better!

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Jalei & Lane said...

Man, I would have told that manager off. Or write a letter to corporate or something!