January 31, 2012

Weekend Rundown

Friday evening we did a little furniture shopping.  We've been wanting a new kitchen table for awhile. The one we have now I got about 5 years ago when I moved into my first apartment and it's just time to replace it. Luckily, we found one at Ashley furniture for a super reasonable price. We love it and  think it will be perfect for us right now!
Our new table, I love the chairs!

Saturday morning I went to a brunch shower for one of my sweet friends, Suzi who is due with her first daughter only 4 days after me! Can't wait until these girls arrive!! :) The shower was so adorable and the food was delicious. After I got home, we decided to go buy the table we found and it will be delivered this Saturday! :)

That night we went out to dinner while my parents babysat Graham. Sunday we went to Chad's parents house for a little bit to visit. They are doing a bunch of remodeling this week, so we got to see everything they have planned. It should all be done this week, and I can't wait to see it all finished! After we left, we picked up a few groceries and then headed home to put Graham down for a nap. This kid has had the hardest time sleeping lately. I think I may try to see if a night light helps him tonight. Not sure if it's teething, separataion anxiety, bad dreams or what, but I am praying  we figure it out and it gets better before Claire gets here!!!
Mimi, Papa, Graham and their other babies Chloe and Ty

Yesterday, we went to Traci's house and Graham and Tripp played while we visited. Those two are so cute together! They play so well together and have so much fun and even give eachother hugs when we leave!!  After we left, Graham and ate some lunch at Chick-fil-A. Today we are having some friends over for a playdate. Then tonight Chad has to work late, and so does my Dad so me and Graham will probably eat dinner with Mimi. Thursday we're having Chad's brother David and his wife Kara over for dinner and then this weekend we have a birthday party, superbowl party and plans to work on Claire's nursery!

Graham munching on some fries at Chick-fil-A :)

January 30, 2012

Weekly Dinner Menu

MONDAY: Last night I made a new recipe, crock-pot mac n' cheese and it turned out amazing!!! We had it with a store-bought rotisserie chicken (love those) and  steamed brocolli. We have a LOT of leftovers, so we'll be eating that again tonight. The recipe for the mac n' cheese is HERE, super easy! I used about 3/4 of a package of an italian blend cheese (it's all I had left, and it was plenty), and added in plenty of freshly ground pepper, a generous dose of chili powder and dried oregeno. I also added some italian bread crumbs on top that I had sauteed in olive oil just before serving. I cooked the mac n' cheese on high for about 1.5 hours, because I started it late, and it turned out perfect. Just make sure to check if the middle is set. You'll be able to tell if it's done. Once I turned it on Keep Warm,  thickened up a little more also.

TUESDAY: Dinner with my Mom

WEDNESDAY: Steak, Crash Hot Potatoes, and Salad

THURSDAY: Three Cheese Chicken Penne Pasta Bake I think I'm going to substitute the chicken for shrimp this time. Cheddar Biscuits and Salad

FRIDAY: Parmesean Tilapia this is a new recipe too, green beans and rice

SATURDAY: I think we might be going on a date night! :)

SUNDAY: Lunch: Frozen Pizza
Dinner: Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken

32 Weeks- 8 Months Pregnant!!

How Far Along: 32 Weeks

Size of baby: Still a Squash (Not the yellow kind, but the orange pumpkin-looking kind) about 18.9 inches and nearly 4 pounds!!

Total Weight Gain: 143.3 up at about 18 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: I really need to go get some comfier maternity pj's. I only have 2 pairs of maternity lounge pants,and 1 maternity nightgown, also needing some new nursing bras and sleeping bras.

Movement: So, not sure if this means Claire has switched positions, but I have been feeling her waaaay over to my right side. Like really far over on my side nearing my back! Maybe its an arm or leg stretching, or maybe she is in a more sideways position?

Sleep: I finally had a good nights sleep last night, so that was great. Graham has been waking up the past couple of nights and not been able to settle back down. He finally slept all night last night, so I feel a lot better today. Chad was sweet and I got to nap a few times this weekend, but for some reason napping is hard for me, so I really needed a good nights sleep.

What I miss: I'm getting to that part in pregnancy where I'm past the cute-pregnant stage and feeling just plain huge. So, I miss finding what to wear easily and wearing normal clothes.
Cravings: Nothing in particular this week.

Symptoms: Some heartburn in the evenings, linea nigra is getting darker, and I'm starting to have some mild swelling in the evenings. Nothing like I had with Graham, but I think my feet and ankles look slightly swollen and my wedding ring is a little harder to take off at night. Also, still having braxton hicks.

Best Moment This Week: Graham gave my tummy another kiss last night. I can't wait to see these two together!!
Best Comment of the Week: Nothing in particular comes to mind.

What I'm looking forward to: My baby shower, finishing up the nursery (hopefully this weekend we will be able to get a lot done), painting her rocking chair and touring the hospital.

Milestones:Now that your baby has grown so long and your uterus is higher, you might notice a new discomfort. Your baby is probably head-down and may occasionally stretch out and kick you in the ribs. The pressure on your rib cage can make you sore, especially if one of your baby's feet becomes caught. You can prevent this by sitting up straight as much as possible. Because your baby's demands for vitamins and minerals are higher than ever right now, you should continue to take your parental vitamins for the entire pregnancy.

This week your baby's movements will peak. You should continue to monitor the fetal movements daily and address any concerns with your caregiver. The wrinkles in your baby's face are disappearing and fat is still being deposited throughout the baby's body.

The body growth slows down from now on.

Because of the lack of space in the uterus, the legs are drawn up in what is known as the fetal position.

As a preparation for breastfeeding, your baby has learned to root for the breast. The baby will turn its head if touched on the cheek and open its mouth if the bottom lip is tickled. By this time the baby can also suck and swallow in a coordinated way.

January 25, 2012


This past weekend was super low-key, just the way I like it (esp. for being 7.5 months pregnant). Friday, Chad got home from Dallas and we went to Target to pick up a few groceries. I also got a new rug for our kitchen I've been eyeing for awhile that was on sale! I think this one fits much better with the look I'm going for, and it's even made me like the shades in the breakfast area better! After our Target run, we decided last minute to grab some Mexican food at our favorite local restaurant to celebrate Chad getting into Presidents Club.

Saturday we literally didn't leave the house all day. I was on Pinterest and decided to try out some cleaning tips I found. We have stainless steel Calphalon pots and pans that Chad's brother and his wife got us for our wedding that I love, but over the years have become stained. I found a super easy way to clean them, and we were amazed at the results!!! They sparkle like new, I was so excited!!! Chad's grandparent's stopped by for a visit, and Graham had a blast showing off for them.

Saturday night I made meatloaf and potatoes and we watched The Notebook b/c it was on TV. Then on Sunday we went to church and had our friends Jared and Kelley come over for a bit, so Chad could get some tips on his new garage gym he's planning. Last week, he cleaned out the garage and added shelving for storage, and he plans to make his own Crossfit gym in the garage. He was doing Crossfit for several months, but because it was so expensive, and we have several expenses coming up with Claire due in a few months, he quit and joined a 24  hour gym. He really got spoiled by Crossfit, though, so 24-hour isn't cutting it. He has big plans for our garage, so I'll post pics as it comes together! After Claire arrives, he says he'll train me and my friend Lindsay, and he's all excited about it.

Sunday afternoon I made the best chocolate chip cookies. I found the recipe HERE they were easy to make, and the recipe made a ton! I am on a cookie kick lately. For some reason, I always thought homemade cookies were hard to make, but they are actually pretty easy! Sunday evening we went for a long walk, then grilled burgers and watched Desperate Housewives after Graham went to bed.

There's a horse that lives near our neighborhood on some land, and we sometimes go say hi to it on our walks.
We didn't work on Claire's nursery this weekend, but we have plans to finish it very soon!! It's storming pretty bad here today (tornado watches/warnings and everything), so we'll probably have a lazy day at home.

January 24, 2012

Weekly Dinner Menu

MONDAY: Grilled Tilapia, steamed veggies (broccoli and baby carrots) long grain & wild rice and cheesy biscuits from Pinterest

TUESDAY: Poppyseed Chicken with angel hair pasta, leftover veggies and biscuits ( I use all the xtra "fancy" ingredients, def recommend!)

WEDNESDAY: Leftovers, Salad

THURSDAY: Steak, New Potatoes and broccoli

FRIDAY: Hotdogs

SATURDAY: Lunch: Fend for yourself
                        Dinner: Tortellini Soup and Beer Bread (this recipe supposedly tastes just like Wuensche's!!)

SUNDAY: Slow Cooker Mac and Cheese

Graham Update!

My beautiful baby boy will be 20 months old next week! He is doing so many new things all the time and we are just as obsessed with him as ever. I feel like I haven't done a post or an update about our favorite little man in forever, so here are just a few of the things Graham is up to these days:

-Talking up a storm!!!

-Says "Thank you!" sounds more like "Jank hu!" but you can def tell it's thank you, in the cutest voice ever when you give him something like a snack, sippy, toy or whatever. Melts. My. Heart.

-"Uh-oh" is another favorite

-"Pah" is paci

-"Bear" for his lovey... he is ALL about the Bear and "Pah"

-He loves his lamb too, but his bear is #1.

-"Bye!!" is another word we hear constantly, as well as "Hi!"

-He looooves to go outside and to the park, Park is "Par"

-Is still a champion eater, his favorites haven't changed and he is really good with trying new foods. Last week he discovered dipping french fries in ranch dressing... he was in heaven

-Loves goldgish and animal crackers and whatever mommy is eating :)

-Blows kisses, gives hugs and still leans forehead down when you ask for a kiss. The other day, he hugged me when I asked for one, and started patting my back. I could've died, there is nothing better than getting some love from your baby.

-Lays his head on my tummy when we snuggle on the couch

-Throws the occasional tantrum (they are still short-lived though)

-Throws his food when he is done eating, which we are working on

-Loves bathtime and says "Bye" "Nigh-Nigh" to his toys when he has to get out

-Loves the cozy coupe, wagon and stroller

- Calls all motor vehicles "Car"

-"Says "Hi" to any animal we see

-Can say lots of animal noises
  elephant, cow, dog, cat, monkey, duck, just to name a few

-Loves to be tickled, chased, and run off with items he isn't supposed to have (our phones, my hairbrush, the remotes) loves to throw all the pillows off the couches, moves the kitchen chairs and pushes his high chair out when he wants to eat, tries to open the pantry/fridge when he wants a snack or a drink

-Still scared of swinging, but loves to climb and slide, and throw balls and run

-Sings along to songs in the car, yesterday there was a song on and when it held out the word "you" Graham sang right along, so cute!!! Could we have a singer on our hands??

His daily schedule is still about the same:

7:30ish: Wake up, get diaper changed, eats breakfast (a banana with yogurt or fruit bar or toast with nutella) and milk

After breakfast, he plays and watches Mickey Mouse until naptime

9:00 Morning Nap

12ish: Get up from nap, get dressed, eat lunch (leftovers from dinner, or fruit, veggie, cheese stick and a meat)

After lunch, he runs around and plays while I finish getting ready and then we usually go run errands, go to the park, go for a walk, drinks a sippy of milk

2:30ish (later or earlier depending on how tired he is, or if we're still running errands): Afternoon Nap

3:30ish: Afternoon snack and sippy with milk

 Daddy is usually home so he plays with him for awhile, while I cook dinner

6:30: Eat Dinner

7:00: Bathtime

7:30: Play, drink sippy with milk, dances, watches TV, Read books with Mom and Dad

8:15: Bedtime!

Hanging with his friend Corbin in his wagon

About to go for a walk with Mom and Dad


We love life with our little toddler, and I can't believe soon he won't be the only baby around. I know there will be lots of adjustments for all of us, so I hope it goes as smooth as possible and Graham loves being a big brother as much as he loves getting all the attention to himself! :)

The Vow

I looove Rachel McAdams, so when I saw the preview for this movie over the weekend, I was so excited!! Chad said he thought it looked pretty good too, so that's a bonus. We haven't been out for a date night together since our anniversary in November, and I know in a couple months it will be near impossible to go out for awhile.... Can't wait to see this!

All I'm sayin' is....

January 23, 2012

31 Weeks

How Far Along: 31 Weeks

Size of baby: Still a Squash (Not the yellow kind, but the orange pumpkin-looking kind) 18 inches long and 3 plus pounds!

Total Weight Gain: 140.6, up at about 16 pounds

Maternity Clothes: Yes, but I actually tried on a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans yesterday and they fit! I couldn't button them of course, but my legs and butt fit into them, so I was pretty shocked/proud! :)

Movement: Still moving a lot, she loves to hear her daddy's voice, her brother's voice and music :)

Sleep: Eh...so-so. I've had trouble going back to sleep (like for an hour or longer) when I wake up to pee. I hate this part of pregnancy, where your body and mind can't shut off to prepare you for all those night wakings in the near future.

What I miss: Having energy!

Cravings: Chocolate chip cookie dough icecream! Haven't been craving too much ice cream this pregnancy, but this week it sounded and tasted sooooo good.

Symptoms: Sciatic pain still gone for now! Yay! Feeling some heartburn off and on but nothing too bad. Getting full fast, and feeling like my stomach is stretched to the limits (I can't believe it will get a lot bigger in the next few weeks.) No swelling yet, but getting uncomfortable none the less. The linea nigra is just now faintly showing up. Also lots of achiness in my lower abdomen and feeling some pressure and braxton hicks.

Best Moment This Week: We told Graham to give his sister a kiss and he leaned over and planted one on my belly, soooo sweet!!
Best Comment of the Week: Nothing in particular comes to mind.

What I'm looking forward to: Same as last week: My baby shower brunch my sister, friend Traci and Mom are throwing for me!!! I am so blessed!!! Also, touring the hospital where I'll deliver since it's a different one than where I delivered Graham.


Milestones: She's going through major brain and nerve development. Eye development, too. Her irises now react to light! All five of her senses are in working order.

January 20, 2012

Award-Winning Hubby

Yesterday Chad went to Dallas for his company's annual President's Club Dinner where they announce who made President's Club that year. He called me last night to let me know he made it!!!! I'm sooo proud of him!! It's only his 2nd year as a Core Sales Rep. and it's a really big deal to make President's Club in his company. This year the President's Club trip is in Beverly Hills, and we'll be staying in the same hotel where the Golden Globes are held!  Claire will only be about 6 weeks old (give or take) so that will be a challenge for me, but I know it will all work out. It's only for about 4 days (and 2 are travel days). I'm so proud of my husband and so thankful for how hard he works to provide for our family!!

January 18, 2012

2012 Home Improvement Goals

Recently Chad asked me to make a list of everything we want to do to the house this year. We did a few things last year, but we still have a ways to before our house is where we want it to be. Luckily, we have similar taste and he likes most of the ideas I have (painting the kitchen cabinets might take some convincing...) I fully don't excpet to really do all of these home improvements this year, and some may never get done, but it's just the ideas I have. Pinterest and "nesting" is a deadly combination, I tell ya!

I know it seems like I don't like my house at all, but that's not the case! I really like it, but there's just a lot of personalizing I want to do to make it feel more homey and more ours. I've been trying to find my style and change out things I've had since my single days/ early married-we-had-no-money-to-decorate days. Check out my Pinterest Home Sweet Home Board for all of my inspiration!

Baby Claire's Birth Bets!

When I was pregnant with Graham, we had our families guess his birth stats. I thought it would be fun to open it up for everyone to guess this time! So, leave a comment with your guesses for Little Miss' birthday, time of birth, weight, height, and hair color. In just 10 short weeks (or less) we will know!

Some Facts:

Chad's birth weight: 8 pounds, 14 ounces

Brenden's birth weight: 6 pounds, 12 ounces (born on due date)

Graham's Birth Stats:
Due Date: June 15, 2010
Born: June 3, 2010 (born 12 days early)
Time: 9:59 am
Weight: 7 pounds, 10 ounces
Height: 19 inches
Hair Color: Dark blonde
(No one got Graham's birth day right, the cloesest guess was June 8... but Chad and Chad's Mom guessed his weight right!)

Claire's Due Date: March 26, 2012 (Measuring right on track so far)

January 17, 2012

Day at the Park

Saturday we took Graham to a local park to play. He looooves parks right now. The only problem is, he's still too little to be given free reign, but he he thinks he can play just like the big kids. He is a great climber and loves the slides. I was happy to have Chad there to help this time, because the last few times we've been to the park, I'm aching and exhausted from chasing my little monkey up and down the jungle gym, trying to prevent him from falling off one of the sides. He has so much fun though, I'm going to have to start taking him more often. It would be so nice if he liked to swing, though!!

After Graham played on about 3 different playgrounds at the park, we decided to go on one of the nature trails. We took about a mile walk, and I told Chad in a few weeks we should come there and walk if we need to try to get labor going!