February 1, 2012

11 Things

I saw this on another blog I read Our Happily Ever Afters and thought it was fun!! I love learning more about the women behind the blogs I read. Join in if you want to! Would love to read your "11 Things" :)
11 Random Things About Myself:

1. I have to make the bed every morning. I read once that if you make the bed every morning, at least you know one thing has gone right that day! So now my day just doesn't feel right if the bed isn't made.

2. I never played with firecrackers or sparklers as a kid. Product of being the daughter of a Fire Captain/ Insurance Agent/ former paramedic I guess! :)

3. My favorite subject has always been Language Arts and History. If there was an essay test, I would always ace it.

4. I didn't know how/ never had ran a dishwasher until I was in college!! Can you say spoiled?!

5. I must put on chapstick before I go to bed or I have a hard time falling asleep.

6. Until I was 21 I never weighed over 105 pounds.

7. I was hospitalized for several days when I was 20 because of a super rare condition- a total fluke considering I had absolutely no risk factors, called pneumomediastynum The cause ended up being coughing too hard when I had bronchitis and tearing a small hole in my lung. It resolved itself within  a few days of me being on oxygen.

8. I only have 1 living grandparent. My Grandaddy (Mom's dad) who lives in an assisted living facility near Austin and has alzheimers. My Mawmaw died in February of 2009 of complications from strokes and my Mom's mom (Gigi) died 3 weeks before I was born from lymphoma. My Pawpaw (Dad's Dad) died a few years before I was born of brain cancer. I am so thankful Graham has 4 grandparents who all live close by, are in great health and he gets to see all the time. He even has 4 great-granparents!! 3 of which are in good health and live close by.

9. Tornados have always fascinated me, and I want to see one in person some day (from a safe distance of course :))

10. I used to love watching scary movies when I was younger, and now I can't stand them.

11. 3 of my most favorite things to do are: going to dinner, going to the movies, and getting mani/pedi's.

11 Questions to Answer:

1. What is your guilty pleasure TV show?
Definitely Young and the Restless. Chad can't stand that I watch this, but I love it. My parents watch it too, so when we all start talking about it, Chad loses it, ha!

2. Name one song that you love to jam out to that is totally embarrassing.
I don't really have one song in particular, but I love country music and when Graham and I are on walks, and I have my iPhone on pandora and turned up, I always get embarrassed and turn it down to really quiet when we pass someone on the street. Not sure why??

3.Where do you want to send your kids to school? Public/Private/Homeschool?
I would love to send them to a good, Christian private school, but I'm sure we'll probably end up sending them to a highly rated public school. By the time Graham starts kindergarten we will probably be in a bigger house and picked the best school district around to send them to.

4. One food you will never grow tired of?
Hmm, this is a tough one. I love so many different kinds of foods and it all depends on my mood. Probably mexican food. Particularly chips and queso.

5. What is your favorite Pinterest search?
I am so addicted. I love them all. Home decor, recipes, neat DIY/organizational/cleaning ideas I would never think of, nurseries, funny stuff, holiday decor, I love it all!!!

6. Did you order girl scout cookies? If so, what kind?
We haven't ordered any this year, I was just telling Chad we needed to the other day. I seriously like them all. Thin mints put in the freezer are a must!

7. What color do you decorate with most?
A light seafoamy blue green.

8. Which store is a guilty pleasure?
Marshalls! Love their home decor, and I always find super cute clothes and shoes.

9. What are your favorite baby names?
Obviously Graham and Claire :) But I also love Asher, Emmeline, Luke, Cora (would never work with our last name) Belle, Jane and Faith

10. What is your dream home vision?
I would love to live in a old but fully restored plantation-style house, with a huge wrap around front porch, plenty of large, old oak trees, 2 stories, gorgeous gouremet kitchen with white cabinets, and wood floors throughout. Pretty much your standard Southern dream home.

11. Is your current job your dream job?
Yes, I always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. I love everything about it. I never had any big career aspirations, so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything or wasting a degree by staying home. I do wonder what I'll do when all my kids are in school though. I also wish I had a degree sometimes, so I would have something to fall back on if I did need to get a job for some unexpected reason.

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