January 12, 2012

Claire's Nursery Sneak Peek

This past weekend we (well, mostly Chad) painted Claire's nursery! The horizontal stripes we haven't been planning to do the whole time, but I wanted to do something extra besides just painting the walls one solid color. They were pretty time consuming, but we both love how they turned out! I think it adds a lot to the room. The walls need a 2nd coat of paint, so we will probably be working on that this weekend. Her crib also arrived on Tuesday, but it's still boxed up for now, until we finish painting. We also still need to refinish her rocking chair, buy her dresser, and buy a light fixture as far as the big things go.
I bought these two pictures at Hobby Lobby (50% off course) and I thought they were so cute. Since Claire is a French name, I thought a few little French-inspired touches would be fun. The first one say's "I love Paris in the sprintime" perfect since Claire is due in the spring!

Can't wait to post about the nursery once it's all finished!!