January 17, 2012

Day at the Park

Saturday we took Graham to a local park to play. He looooves parks right now. The only problem is, he's still too little to be given free reign, but he he thinks he can play just like the big kids. He is a great climber and loves the slides. I was happy to have Chad there to help this time, because the last few times we've been to the park, I'm aching and exhausted from chasing my little monkey up and down the jungle gym, trying to prevent him from falling off one of the sides. He has so much fun though, I'm going to have to start taking him more often. It would be so nice if he liked to swing, though!!

After Graham played on about 3 different playgrounds at the park, we decided to go on one of the nature trails. We took about a mile walk, and I told Chad in a few weeks we should come there and walk if we need to try to get labor going!

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Melissa Edwards said...

Noah loves the park too but we picked up a lot of viruses over the summer when we would go more regularly. We try to find the smaller parks that are less busy. Don't get too far out there walking and go into labor, girl. It happens way faster this time, supposedly!