January 1, 2012

Goals for 2012

Strikethrough = Completed           Italics = In Progress              Red = Uncompleted

**These aren't necessarily in order of importance/ order in which they will be completed**
  1. Go the the Zoo with Chad and Graham
  2. Read the Bible everyday/ have quiet time every morning
  3. Take Graham to Sea World/ San Antonio before Claire's birth
  4. Complete Claire's Nursery
  5. Paint and spruce up the dining room
  6. Update the kids/guest Bathroom
  7. Organize junk drawers/hall closets
  8. Blow up maternity pictures/ wedding pictures/ family pictures for our bedroom
  9. Get a TV for our bedroom
  10. Read Graham and Claire a Bible Story everynight before bed
  11. Figure out a workout routine and stick to it
  12. Get a cute haircut/highlights/nails done before I give birth
  13. Get Claire's birth on video
  14. Get to 5cm before I get an epidural (Assuming labor is going normally)
  15. Take pictures of Claire every month like I did with Graham
  16. Landscape our backyard (at least plant something!!)
  17. Get new outdoor furniture
  18. Stay in touch with friends better
  19. Visit Kirby and Jerry in NYC
  20. Be more flexible
  21. Breastfeed Claire exclusively for as long as possible
  22. Learn how to sew
  23. Buy a new camera
  24. Buy new everday dishes
  25. Read Beth Moore's "So Long, Insecurity"
  26. Go to a Beth Moore talk
  27. Paint more rooms in our house (We're thinking the master bathroom, kitchen, dining room, entry hall, laundry room, maybe even kitchen cabinets)
  28. Put money into a "Christmas Present Fund" every month
  29. Gain around 25 pounds with my pregnancy and lose all my baby weight from Claire before she is 9 months old
  30. Pray everyday!!!

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