January 24, 2012

Graham Update!

My beautiful baby boy will be 20 months old next week! He is doing so many new things all the time and we are just as obsessed with him as ever. I feel like I haven't done a post or an update about our favorite little man in forever, so here are just a few of the things Graham is up to these days:

-Talking up a storm!!!

-Says "Thank you!" sounds more like "Jank hu!" but you can def tell it's thank you, in the cutest voice ever when you give him something like a snack, sippy, toy or whatever. Melts. My. Heart.

-"Uh-oh" is another favorite

-"Pah" is paci

-"Bear" for his lovey... he is ALL about the Bear and "Pah"

-He loves his lamb too, but his bear is #1.

-"Bye!!" is another word we hear constantly, as well as "Hi!"

-He looooves to go outside and to the park, Park is "Par"

-Is still a champion eater, his favorites haven't changed and he is really good with trying new foods. Last week he discovered dipping french fries in ranch dressing... he was in heaven

-Loves goldgish and animal crackers and whatever mommy is eating :)

-Blows kisses, gives hugs and still leans forehead down when you ask for a kiss. The other day, he hugged me when I asked for one, and started patting my back. I could've died, there is nothing better than getting some love from your baby.

-Lays his head on my tummy when we snuggle on the couch

-Throws the occasional tantrum (they are still short-lived though)

-Throws his food when he is done eating, which we are working on

-Loves bathtime and says "Bye" "Nigh-Nigh" to his toys when he has to get out

-Loves the cozy coupe, wagon and stroller

- Calls all motor vehicles "Car"

-"Says "Hi" to any animal we see

-Can say lots of animal noises
  elephant, cow, dog, cat, monkey, duck, just to name a few

-Loves to be tickled, chased, and run off with items he isn't supposed to have (our phones, my hairbrush, the remotes) loves to throw all the pillows off the couches, moves the kitchen chairs and pushes his high chair out when he wants to eat, tries to open the pantry/fridge when he wants a snack or a drink

-Still scared of swinging, but loves to climb and slide, and throw balls and run

-Sings along to songs in the car, yesterday there was a song on and when it held out the word "you" Graham sang right along, so cute!!! Could we have a singer on our hands??

His daily schedule is still about the same:

7:30ish: Wake up, get diaper changed, eats breakfast (a banana with yogurt or fruit bar or toast with nutella) and milk

After breakfast, he plays and watches Mickey Mouse until naptime

9:00 Morning Nap

12ish: Get up from nap, get dressed, eat lunch (leftovers from dinner, or fruit, veggie, cheese stick and a meat)

After lunch, he runs around and plays while I finish getting ready and then we usually go run errands, go to the park, go for a walk, drinks a sippy of milk

2:30ish (later or earlier depending on how tired he is, or if we're still running errands): Afternoon Nap

3:30ish: Afternoon snack and sippy with milk

 Daddy is usually home so he plays with him for awhile, while I cook dinner

6:30: Eat Dinner

7:00: Bathtime

7:30: Play, drink sippy with milk, dances, watches TV, Read books with Mom and Dad

8:15: Bedtime!

Hanging with his friend Corbin in his wagon

About to go for a walk with Mom and Dad


We love life with our little toddler, and I can't believe soon he won't be the only baby around. I know there will be lots of adjustments for all of us, so I hope it goes as smooth as possible and Graham loves being a big brother as much as he loves getting all the attention to himself! :)


Melissa Edwards said...

Best blessing ever. If I could can this stuff up and sell it, I would be a millionaire.

Kortni said...

He is so darn cute! I just taught Elena to give Eskimo (nose kisses) kisses and I love it. This is the best age!