January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's a good thing that we had planned on having a low-key weekend, because that's exactly what we had to do anyway. Saturday afternoon Chad and Graham picked up a honeybaked ham while I cleaned up the house a little and managed to get out of my pj's. Then we all went to get groceries for New Years. I spent some time pinteresting while I was sick, so I got some good recipes for our NYE dinner and New Years Day lunch. :)
We came home and put Graham down for a nap and Chad got a work out in while I started dinner. We had our honeybaked ham with stuffed baked potatoes (from Omaha Steaks that we got as a Christmas present from Chad's grandparents----delicious!!!) salad and garlic bread. For dessert I made pineapple cherry dump cake, served with vanilla ice cream, it was delicious and so, so easy! Another pinterst recipe.
(Picture from pinterest)

 After dinner, we bathed Graham got him ready for bed then took him outside to watch fireworks. There were a ton going off in our neighborhood, so we decided to make a pallet in Chad's truck bed and watch them in the driveway. Graham was in heaven!

 He was so exctied, he would clap everytime a firework would go off and loved laying in the pallet and running around in the truck bed. It was so fun. We put him to bed about 9, and he miraculously stayed asleep through all the fireworks. It seriously sounded like a war zone outside, and we were shocked he slept through all the commotion! Chad and I made a pallet in the living room (at 7 months pregnant, I'm all about pallets these days) and rented Midnight in Paris, which we really liked! Love Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson, even though I'm not much of a Woody Allen fan usually.

 At midnight, we headed into the backyard to watch the fireworks, and it was seriously like we had our own fireworks show. The neighbors behind us were setting off artillery shells, so the fireworks were literally right over our backyard. 10 years ago at midnight, Chad and I had our first kiss, so crazy! We didn't get to kiss last night though, since I'm sick. It was still perfect to ring in the new year with my love! :)

Before heading to bed, we finished our movie and then put the black eyed peas into the crockpot for New Years Day. It was the first time I've made black eyed peas, but they turned out great! We added in some bacon for flavor, too. Overall, it was a great night and a perfect way to send out an amazing year.

New Years Day, we layed around until it was time to start making the cabbage for lunch. I used my mom's way of doing it, and boiled a head of cabbage cut into quarters with equal parts water and chicken broth, with a little bacon for about 20 minutes, until soft. Chad isn't a huge cabbage fan, but he even liked it, I loved it.The black eyed peas cooked all night and were ready about noon, and they turned out great. We had BEP's, cabbage, ham and hawiian rolls. Graham looooved the BEP's (and the roll of course- such a bread lover).

That night, we made ham and cheese sliders (yumm)
(Pic from pinterest)

 and actually did something productive and packed up the Christmas decorations and Christmas tree. I hate how the house feels a little bit bare after all the Chrismtas decor is packed away. Graham was sad to see the tree go too. We still have to take down the lights on the house, but that will get done sometime later this week. Hope everyone had a fun and happy New Year!!

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Jalei & Lane said...

Love the pictures of yall in the truck! Another reason why I wish I had a truck.