January 6, 2012

Mini Makeovers

So my nesting instinct has been going on full-force, and this week our house has reaped the benefits. I have been organizing and rearranging up a storm. Last night, we decided...or I decided that we should move the loveseat to the other side of the living room. We've always felt our couch and love seat were a tad large for our living room, so I thought this might open up the room a little. Chad didn't think it would fit, but after some convincing we tried it out. We're still deciding if we like it, but it defnitely makes the living room and kitchen feel more open. These aren't the best pictures, but what do you think?

This morning, I decided to do a little makeover on our laundry room. I've been pinning pictures of gorgeous laundry rooms for awhile, and so I decided to fix ours up a bit.


For as much time as I spend in there, I wanted the room to look cute, especially since we go in and out of there a lot to get to the garage.


I threw away a bunch of near-empty laundry detergents, packed away the cooler in a hall closet, put cleaning rags and toilet paper in the wicker baskets, moved the glass apothecary jars from the kitchen and filled them with light bulbs, clothes pins and laundry detergent. I also hung an old hook I bought from Hobby Lobby ages ago and put my scarves and hat on it. Much better! And the best part? It didn't cost a cent! I still want to eventually paint the room a fun color, get a better rug and hang a cute light fixture, but for now it's much better.

This weekend we are going to start painting Claire's room, so she can finally see some benefits of the nesting :) Stay tuned for pictures!!


Jalei & Lane said...

Cute idea with the light bulbs.

Melissa Edwards said...

I love the apothecary jars with the bulbs and etc. Your laundry room looks identical to ours. But I figure it is the last to be upgraded since our guests see it less. LOL!