January 4, 2012


Monday night I met some girls from our church class at Chuy's to say goodbye to our friend Amanda who moved to Mississippi this week. It was so fun to have a girls night and so sad to see Amanda go, she will be missed! :( After dinner, a few of us girls headed to Lindsay's to watch the season premier of The Bachelor and have some coffee and dessert. I usually tell my favorites right off the bat, and there are some absolute looney toons this time, so it should be a fun season! ;) Gotta love The Bachelor.

Last night I ordered Claire's crib from Amazon, and I can't wait to get it in! It's a white Jenny Lind. We are really needing to get a move on with her nursery, so just doing that helped me feel a little better. I think we are going to paint her nursery this weekend. My good friend Terah is getting married on Saturday night, too so it will be a fun weekend.

Today I had my 28 week check-up, Miss Claire's heartbeat was a strong 160 and I am measuring perfectly. She is most likely  head down, like I suspected. We found out that the 32 week ultrasound is now elective-only (meaning no insurance coverage) so since everything is going so well, we'll probably opt out of it. My doctor told us that most insurance companies have cut out 3rd trimester ultrasounds, unless there's a specific need like high blood pressure, and some are trying to cut out ultrasounds altogether! Thanks, Obama-care...........

Graham went with us to the appointment, too and he did so good, entertaining everyone in the waiting room, of course. Then we grabbed some lunch at Grimaldi's before heading home. I think today I'm going to go to Hobby Lobby and get some stuff to start on a few projects for Claire. I want to make this hospital door hanger I pinned a while back, start on her rocking chair, bow holder, and shadow box, and this adorable picture frame idea (with her newborn picture and a song like Martina McBride's In My Daughter's Eyes, George Strait's My Infinite Love, or Erin O'Donnels Hold Onto Jesus) I also need to start collecting bows and headbands. My friend Lindsay gave me a bunch of good websites and facebook pages for those. So fun! :) It will feel so good to get some stuff accomplished for Claire's arrival. I am definitely feeling the nesting instinct kicking in. I hate how anxious and unorganized it makes me feel! I constantly have a running list of everything we need to get done going through my mind. Even stuff that really has no bearing on her at all, like painting the living room/kitchen/dining room (other than wanting her to come home to a cute house...) Only 12 weeks or less to go!

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