January 9, 2012

Travis and Terah's Wedding

On January 7th, one of my best friends, Terah got married! Chad's stupid GPS made us late, so we missed part of the ceremony and I was so sad, but at least we didn't miss the entire thing. It was a beautiful wedding and Terah looked stunning! Her dress was amazing and the venue was so beautiful. Travis and Terah have a daughter a few months older than Graham, and Terah is so excited that I'm having a girl this time too. We had such a good time visiting with friends, dancing and eating. Love weddings!

Introducing the Newlyweds!

Miss Charlotte was not happy during the cake cutting

Precious flowergirl Charlotte!

Anniversary dance

Me and the Bride!! Love how my belly juts out....Ha!

Friends at our table

The guys at the table

Congratulations Travis and Terah!!!

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Melissa Edwards said...

You guys look great! Weddings make such a romantic day night.