January 1, 2012

Week After Christmas

We had a great week for the most part, well- it started out great! Graham surprised us by going pee pee in his new potty he got for Christmas!! We just sat him on there for fun before his bath, and he ended up going! The next night, he did it again before his bath, but this time when he peed, he didn't get up right away. About 30 seconds later he peed some more, then got up and flushed the potty and closed the lid! Later in his bath, he stood up, pointed to the potty and started peeing again! Guess he really had to go that night :) He hasn't done it since, but he is under the weather right now, so we'll keep trying when he feels better. No rush though, he is still so young, it's just for fun and to introduce it right now.

My bestfriend Kirby and her hubby Jerry came down from New York for Christmas, so we got to spend some time with them. They even spoiled us with some Christmas presents from the Big Apple! Graham got a boardbook called "Good Night, New York" which he loves, Claire got an adorable onesie that has a map of Brooklyn on it, Chad got some yummy beef jerky and I got the Momofuku Milk Bar cookbook and some delicious chocolate, yumm. Kirbs hung out with us Tuesday and Jer joined us for dinner that night. We had such a good time with them, and we miss them so much. Kirby and I have been friends since our senior year of high school, and I love Jerry almost as much as I love her :) Chad and Jerry love eachother too, and Kirbs and Jer are so wonderful to Graham. Kirby's parents love Graham too, and we got to visit with them on Thursday night when we went to say goodbye to Kirby before they left.
Me and Kirbs running to the store to get some stuff for dinner
Wednesday was Chad's brother's birthday, so we met up at Chuy's to celebrate! Graham made Uncle D a card, and we also got him a Case knife. Happy Birthday, David!!!!

Graham and his friend Corbin eating some tex-mex :)

Sweet Corbin, who turns 1 next month!

Thursday we went over to Kirby's parents house and visited before Kirby and Jerry had to fly back the next morning. It was so good seeing Kirby's parents, and they get such a kick out of Graham. He entertained us all with his dance moves, of course. On the way home, my sciatic nerve started hurting again. It had been hurting off and on all week, and getting a little worse every day. This time it was hurting even while I was sitting down, so when we made it home, I had to lay down on the couch the rest of the night. So thankful to have a husband who is happy to pitch in when he needs too!! Chad is always so great to me when I'm sick or down for the count b/c of pregnancy-related issues, and I am so grateful, even though I can't help but feel a little guilty.

 Early Friday morning is when I came down with a fever and sore throat and cough, and he has been babying me and doing so much for me and Graham while I'm sick. Graham has a cough and runny nose too, so Chad took him to the pedi Friday morning. He just has the crud, so it will have to run it's course. He's acting normal for the most part and no fever, so that is good. My sweet Momma brought us spaghetti and garlic bread Friday night. Nothing better than a homecooked meal from your Mom when you're sick :)The past 3 days we have barely left the house. Not fun.Whenever I start to feel a little bit better, and do some stuff around the house (laundry, vaccuum, dinner) my sciaitic nerve starts hurting or my throat starts hurting again, and I am back to the couch. Ugh, can't wait to feel back to normal!!

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KatieH said...

I got the same cookbook!! Love the way everything sounds but haven't made anything yet.