February 19, 2012

It's Almost That Time...

When I was pregnant with Graham getting the hospital bags packed for some reason stressed me out. Maybe it's part of the nesting instinct, but I felt like I was going to forget something major and there was nothing I could do to make me feel completely and totally "prepared"!! This time, I feel a twinge of that same anxiety, but I feel a little more capable. I know what to bring and what the hospital will provide. I know it's not the end of the world if the house isn't spotless when I go into labor. I'll probably take my time laboring at home a little and take a shower and straighten up the house before we leave. When I went into labor with Graham I had just been put on bed rest earlier that day, so there were dishes in the sink and clutter still around when we got home from the hospital. My sweet Mother-in-law straightened up while we napped and Graham never knew the difference :) I do have several things on my "Nesting List" I would like to have in order before she gets here, and I have 2 weeks before I am full-term to get them done.

1. Wash and clean infant carrier
2. Buy crib mattress
3. Finish decorating nursery (almost done.. just have a few things to hang on the walls and a few online purchases we're waiting to arrive!)
4. Wash recieving blankets, newborn onesies
5. Buy some more headbands/bows
6.Decide on her "Going Home" outfit
7. Buy some size 1 diapers (in case she is too big for newborn... never know!)
8. Clean out her closet
9. Install carseat
10.Set up cradle in our room & wash cradle sheet (waiting for cradle to arrive from online)
11. Make and freeze some meals for after delivery
12. Call pediatrician to let them know Claire will be a new patient
13. Read up on "What to Expect the First Year"
14. Buy present for Graham from Claire
15. Take Graham for a "Big Brother" day before I go into labor
Hospital Bag Checklist:
For Momma:
Favorite pillow
Hair brush
Pony tail holders/headband
Favorite bodywash
Nursing Tanks
Yoga Pants
Nursing bras
Nursing pads
Lansinoh cream
Going home outfit
Phone/ phone charger
Boppy pillow

For Daddy:

Flip Video Camera
Extra batteries
Favorite pillow
Make sure carseat is installed

For Claire:

Packed diaper bag
Hospital hat with bow
Comfy onesies
Receieving blankets
Baby book
Diaper wreath
Going home outfit
Gift for Graham
"Little Sister" onesie
Baby nail clippers

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Christina said...

Wow. Look at you. You are on top of things. That's great. Then you won't have to worry. Way to go.