February 29, 2012

Life at the Moment

Life has been moving way too fast in some ways and SO sloooow in others these days. On Monday I'll be 37 weeks.... "Full Term" and that has my head spinning! In the past few weeks, we've gotten A LOT done, so I feel pretty prepared at this point. Can you ever be fully prepared for a new baby, though?????
Dryer full of PINK clothes!!!!

As prepared as I feel we are, I know there are BIG adjustments coming for Graham. I am honestly pretty nervous for him. I've had a few tearful nights thinking about what it will be like for him to go from "the center of the universe" to having to share his Mama and Daddy. I know in my heart this will be a good thing for him, especially in the long run, but it still makes me worry about my first baby's feelings and how he will adjust. I know all mom's feel like this before welcoming a second baby into their family, so I guess it's just something I have to go through. I've tried my best to prepare him, without going overboard. He knows what a "baby" is, that "Baby Claire" is in mommy's tummy, and as I type this, he ran over to the swing we just put up today, said "baby! baby!" and put his bear in it. I never even told him that was for Claire!!!  I think he understands a lot more than we give him credit for, but still, he is in many ways still a baby himself! Anyway, I plan to write a post very soon dedicated to my sweet baby boy, so I'll just save more of my thoughts on this for later.

After an afternoon nap, watching Mickey of course! I look swollen and tired!!
 Definitely 9 months pregnant!!!

As far as everyday life goes these days, Graham and I have been going on like normal for the most part. I've been super on top of laundry and keeping the house picked up, but "deep cleaning" has kind of fallen to the wayside at this point. Chad said he'd mop the kitchen and vacuum for me this weekend because he doesn't want me to do it. (What a sweet husband I have!!!) As soon as I hit 37 weeks though, I plan to do as much as I can do physically and hopefully that will help her come on her own :) Braxton Hicks are still a regular (and often painful) occurrence. Next Thursday I'm going to eat with some girlfriends at PF Changs (I ate there 2 days before going into labor with Graham). That night is also a full moon and Gracie's birthday (my sweet little cousin and flower girl at our wedding) :) At the same time, my sister's in-laws will be in town from New Jersey next week, so she is hoping I won't go into labor while they're there!
Best friends :)
Graham is such a character these days. He is just as attached to his bear and paci as ever (they go everywhere with us), not to mention Mickey Mouse. If the TV is on, it has to be Mickey. It's kind of a problem. He has had a cough for the past week or so, but no fever and it's getting better on its own. Tantrums are becoming a more frequent occurrence, but they are still short-lived. He has also learned the word "No!" Is it terrible that even when he is being a little pistol, I still think it's so darn cute?? I know it won't be in a few months, but I just can't help it. I try my hardest not to let him know, though. We have had to do "time out" a few times. We just put him in his room by himself and shut the door for about 30 seconds, and then talk to him about why he was in time-out afterward. It seems to do the trick---he HATES time-out and cries and cries until we open the door.

Going on a donut run with Mama this morning (breakfast for a morning play date)
This weekend we have my maternity pictures, Tripp's birthday party, and I'm going to try and sneak in a prenatal massage :) I am happy to say Claire's nursery is COMPLETED with the exception of her wooden monogram which should arrive next week I'm thinking. I need to take some pictures as soon as I'm done washing her sheets, blankets and newborn clothes. OK, I think I feel pretty caught up now!! Here's one last picture of my little monkey...........
Stealing a sip from Mama's water. Why does everything taste better if it's Mom or Dad's?? :)


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Jalei & Lane said...

Graham is just the cutest little guy ever! I love that picture of him in his carseat.